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The Imagine Ears
Oct 1, 2017
I just wanted to pass onto you a new blog I created. I really think it is unique. It features the creations of my daughter and I. She wants to be an Disney imagineer and I am using the blog to share our creations, encourage her to follow her dreams, and teach her how the internet works. Nothing is for sale it is just a showcase and place for instructions.

We do a lot but our major ongoing projects are :
  • an HO scale Disney village with scratch made buildings (like the Up house and Flynns arcade below that are less than 3" tall)
  • a scale model of Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Lego microscale. Exacting down to each aspect of the park. Like the castle and the trains station below.
  • replica props like the Snow White Heart box and Mary Poppins Umprella both made for under $20.
  • We currently transforming our house into the Haunted Mansion, including our scale replica of the 13 hour clock (below) that was made for $40.
  • and more

Our blog is here:

Thanks and enjoy.
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