New Balance sneaker owners (ladies)

I have 803s and I love them! They're the trail runners and the most comfortable sneakers I've ever owned - plus I like the way they look. I definately recommend them - I'm on my second pair. They are expensive, but I got mine for less at Shoe Carnival.
I don't have any now but have owned several pairs in the past. My grandpa buys nothing else. He likes them for the fit (and that they come in his size 14EEEE), but also because they're about the only brand of sneakers still made in the U.S.
I'm on my 2nd and 3rd pair of NB. Being a hospital worker and on my feet all day, they are a real comfort. I have a walking shoe #810 and they are good, but a little roomy in the heel if not laced up tight. Recently bought a Crosstrainer # 454 which are even better. Love them the best. My first pair (# unknown) were great also, but I put insoles in them and made them even more cusshy. They lasted about 3 years, but I used them for work only. If I had to buy another pair, I would ask for the crosstrainers and try them against a walker. Add insoles if needed. They are expensive, I bought my pair at a discount place (Famous Footwear) for 59.00 which was a bargan. I'm cheep with a lot of other things, but when it comes to my feet, good shoes are a great investment. If your feet hurt, the rest of you is uncomfortable. Also bought Teva's for the May trip. The best kind of flip flop is made by Espirit --very cushiony as well. Good Luck!
I have a pair of NB 606s that I bought 2 years ago, and they still don't feel right on my feet. I can wear them a couple of hours. I take a 9 1/2 wide, any of you have suggestions for the style/model # that works well for us fat footed mamas? My DH swears by his...wears them to work, and he stands on a non carpeted surface most of the I know they are good... and I definitely need to get some Disney shoes...only 202 days to break them in! Looking forward to your suggestions....MaryAunt:p
I walk 3-5 miles a day, and wear New Balance 654's. I wear a 5 1/2 D, and these offer a lot of shock absorption. However, I find I need to wear a bandaid on the smallest toe of one foot. They don't seem to be too tight--they just irritate that spot. This really isn't unusual for me, but I will probably buy a different style next time.
I tried the 770's the other day, and will probably give those a try.
Well, I bought a pair of New Balance Cross Trainers, model # 735. I tried on several models of their cross trainers...most had toe areas that were too narrow for my comfort. Then I tried the 735's which had a more rounded toe area. The right foot felt great! My left foot ...well, I am not so sure...I mean it felt good but not as good as the right. I have 7 days to return them. Obviously, I cannot wear them outside so I have been wearing them in the house. I just don't know. Maybe I should just buy another pair of Skechers! (they were extremely comfortable from day 1, only they are are a little heavier than the New Balance. Plus they are not identified as "cross trainers" or "walkers" etc.

All I want is to have comfortable feet in the Florida heat!
I bought mine at a New Balance store, so I'm not sure if this model is available everywhere. I don't know the model number, but they make 3 models of ladies walking shoes. The ones I have are the $99 ones that are white with blue/gray accents. I used to have the all white model, but they aren't as comfortable. Sorry I can't be of more help!


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