Need suggestions for brands of light airy comfortable sneakers!


Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2001
I've read the messages about sneakers vs. sandals... and I really do prefer wearing sneakers. But I haven't seen many sneaker brands/styles mentioned. Does anyone have a suggestion for a light weight, airy (?) comfortable sneaker? I imagine it would be a canvas type (as opposed to leather).
A while back I heard new balance sneakers were the most comfortable. I decided to give them try and now have been wearing/puchasing them for the last 4 years. They are leather, but they stretch. The sole is very cushiony (?) and my feet have not hurt a bit. I've been wearing style 608. Who knows, you may like them too.

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there are many different ones out there. I like Nike air walk/run. and Reebok has a good pair out too..actually they have several out in different styles. the best thing to do is to go and try on a couple of different ones. walk all around the store in them and see how they feel. in fact try this...put one brand on one foot and another on the other and walk. see which feels better. (they had me do this at Dicks sporting goods) and I could feel the difference. and when they had me do it they had me try the nike on my left foot and the reebok on my right. walk for 5-10 min then come back and switch feet. then try each pair on seperately and this way I could see the difference. (sounds weird huh?)

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for my last trip I bought a pair of Stretch Keds. They are very cushy leather and very light. Note: these are not the flat keds ith no support !

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Just bought a pair and they feel as if they were made for my feet. The style is "330" and they're leather with some type of airy inserts that "breathe". We're going to WDW in 2 weeks and I think these sneakers, along with my Teva and Timberland sandals, will be great for all the walking we'll be doing.

Robby :)

Every foot is different. Saucony work great for me. I really like the earlier post about trying different kinds one for each foot. Whatever you decide on -- break them in before you go! And bring a spare pair for a mid day change and for water rides -- or at least spare socks.

I feel like I should be the poster child for Saucony, but I have tried Nike (various styles), Reeboks (all kinds over the years), Easy Spirits and Tevas (rubbed my instep so I never even bought a pair though I tried different styles). Saucony just fits my feet better. They are hard to find and can be outlandish colors, but they have a wider toe box with a very cushy heel. I have a narrow heel but a wide toebox, so wide cuts tend to flip off my heels and normal cuts cut off circulation to my poor toesies. Apparently a lot of runners use these because running magazines are the only place I see them advertised. I have bought pairs at Shoe Carnival, Sports Authority, Dicks, and some outlet stores. They have a great trail shoe out now that looks pretty much like the NB 608. But then, they have some that are camoflauged too! ;)

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