Need info on these attractions, are they worth a visit?


May 27, 2001
Since Disney will not be our main focus, (only Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Pleasure Island)
we are also planning to visit the following attractions:

Discovery Cove


Ripley's Believe or Not Museum

Wet and Wild

and maybe Cirque Du Soliel or Medieval Times

Are any of the above worth a visit??? and how much time
do you think needs to spent at any of them? We will be in Orlando for 7 days

I haven't been to the other attractions on your list but we love SeaWorld. Although our entire family loves Disney, the kids still talk a lot about SeaWorld and are anxious to go back.
We visited Ripley's but weren't very impressed. It's kind of interesting but my 10 year old didn't care for it much and some of the exhibits scared my 6 year old. I found it OK but kind of morbid, we'll be skipping this one on our next trip.
I hope that you get more responses because I'm eager to try Medieval Times (or Arabian Nights) myself. We have MD in Dallas and it seems to be doing quite well here.

I have heard that Wet N Wild is nice particularly because it's open at night. You may want to check to see if that's still true but some people have mentioned spending the day in one of the theme parks and then heading over to Wet N Wild in the evening.

Sea World is wonderful IMO. It has a quieter and more educational tone for the most part but is a completely entertaining theme park. The sea lions are funny and Shamu is wonderful both in the daytime and at night. If the one in Florida has the new show featuring (formerly) stray cats and dogs, I definitely recommend it. It does have a few rides and nice ways to cool off too.
If I could only go to one thing in Orlando it would be Cirque de Soleil. My whole family LOVED it and cant wait to go back.
Wet and Wild suited our teenagers but the adults felt it lacked ambience. Much preferred Typhoon Lagoon.
Enjoy your trip

We have visited Sea World several times. No lines that I can think of. There's more freedom just not having to stand in line. We just got back 2 weeks ago from our trip to WDW and Universal Jan. 4-13. It happened to be quite cold most of that week. Many mornings were only 39 degrees. We decided to skip Sea World because we remembered much of their park and shows being outdoors. The kids were very mad at us. We all love Sea World. Next time it will be warmer and we won't miss Sea World. We have also been to Medieval Times. I think it's a fun show, if you are looking for something different to do. Try to get them to send you some coupons or discounts by calling ahead of time, while you are still at home. Have a great trip! :bounce:
Discovery Cove.. a MUST!!!! And remember with DC, you get a seven day free ticket to Sea World...

It is a little pricey, but so much is included with the day.. check out the Sea World and Discovery Cove forums on this board...

I loved DC, and Sea World. Discovery Cove was wonderfully peaceful, and tranquil, not to mention a dolphin SWIM! The lunch was good as is an all inclusive day .
Cirque du Soleil - We did this almost 3 years ago, my DD still talks about it. She was barely 8 at the time. We get out the program and reminisce, it's probably time to go back. For folks wondering if they would like Cirque, there are many DVD's (and VHS) available now. Don't know if you can rent them, but Netflix has them all and they can probably be found through Amazon/ I haven't seen Soleil on DVD, but there are many others.

Discovery Cove - last September. Fabulous, once in a lifetime experience. Dolphins have that sonar thing going on, being in the water with them makes you euphoric. And the snorkeling pool is fantastic too.

Ripley's - did this last trip. My DD loves this kind of stuff, so we spent about 2 1/2 hours there, most people passed us up. Would be a great evening activity if anyone in your group is fascinated by the unusual and/or morbid. They are open until 1 am.

Wet n' Wild - Haven't been there, would probably try Typhoon Lagoon first. We drove by going to Ripleys' and it looks a bit, um, wild.

Sea World - planned for last trip, Dec. 29 - Jan. 6, we decided it was too cold too! We will probably go in May, if DD gets over the Blue Planet documentary we watched on Discovery Channel tonight. They showed a pack of Killer Whales separating a Grey Whale calf from its Mother, and killing it. Bad Shamu! She'll go for Kraken, though.

Still on our ToDo list: Gatorland and the Space Center. Don't forget Universal and especially Islands of Adventure. Great parks, and different from Disney.
One more vote for SeaWorld. I became an AP holder before going and was hoping beyond hope that I wouldn't be sorry.

I went that historically cold week of January 1st, a bit too cool for the ride my son was looking forward to, Journey to Atlantis, but he did get a chance to enjoy Kraken. I found the grounds to be comforting and beautiful. Also, it was my first encounter up close with a dolphin, which I must say, was like a combination of a dog and a fish! I was never so impressed with an animal as I was with my little friend who, I swear, flirted with me at one of the "petting" ponds.

I truly enjoyed my day there but will have to wait until it gets a little warmer to enjoy it more! Going back for more in April!
I'm glad to hear so many good things about Sea World. We're headed up to Orlando in March. So far, we've only been to WDW. My 8 year old is really excited to get to Universal. Loves those characters. And a day at Sea World is on the agenda. Also a day at Disney for me! Hmmm...which parks can we fit in?
If you're going to Sea World, don't forget their second day free offer. You can get a second day free with your ticket. You have to use the 2nd day within 7 days of your first visit. Tickets are non-tansferrable because they have your photo on it.
I went to Discovery Cove and Sea World this past October. It was worth the money. I paid $200 to Discovery Cove, got 7 day free admission to Sea World, free lunch at Discovery Cove. You are only with the dolphin for approx 1/2 hour with a group of approx 8 people. It will be a memory never to forget. We also managed to see Sea World in 2 days. We went on a relaxed pace. You could do it in less time. The shows are terrific. The one thing I did not like about Discovery Cove, once you have finished swimming with the dolphin, there is not much more to do. We swam around, around, around, around, around in a circle with nothing to really look at. It is concrete. The bird aviary is very small. You can swim with the rays but some of them are so big that you are a little scared to swim with them. It was worth going for the day as long as you do Sea World with it.

We also went to Medieval Times. It was a nice show. My son loved it and wants to go back. It is entertaining. You scream a lot for your guy. We paid extra for priority seating which guarantees that you are seated in the first three rows (found out there are only 5 rows).

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