Need help from WDCC Charter Members


DIS Veteran
Feb 10, 2002

I'm fairly new to these boards, but need to ask a question of any WDCC Charter Members. I was going thru my Disney stuff & find that for each year of the club, starting with year 2 (1994), I received a "sketch litho" of the character that was that year's membership figurine. These were approximately 5" x 7" in an envelope. I found all of them from 1994 - 2001 (Cheshire Cat - Tinkerbell), but cannot find any for the first year (Jiminy Cricket). Does anyone know if there was a Jiminy, or if these were started the second year as a renewal gift? Thanks so much for any help - I'm an incurable collector who hates having an "incomplete set" of anything!


There was no sketch/lithograph of the original charter member piece, at least to my knowledge. There was a postcard of Jiminy as well as the other original pieces in the WDCC collection. Anyone else?
I agree with Chip N Dale. I can't say that I remember any sketches with those earlier pieces. I still have all of those awful green boxes floating around my house so you know I don't throw ANYTHING away.
There was no sketch the first year. This was something that was started as a gift with renewal in the second year if my memory serves me correctly.


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