Need E-Mail address for Cruise's Kid Clubs


Earning My Ears
Apr 24, 2000
Does anyone have an e-mail address that I could use to contact the director of the kids clubs? I'm trying to guarantee that my 4+ year old will get into the 5-7 age group with hid DS but I haven't had any luck finding any email address thus far. Any help would be greatly appreciated as we're sailing in 35 days.



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May 4, 2001
Sorry I can't help you with an email address.

As far as moving children up an age group, they will allow this if the child is within one month of the birthday that will put them in the next age group. So, your 4+ year old would have to be within one month of his/her 5th birthday to move up to the 5-7 group.

Your older child may move down to the younger child's age group without the one-month restriction.

Hope this helps.


Eric Julie and Hailey

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Aug 20, 1999
They do not have an e-mail address. I asked for it while on board (I wanted to e-mail a photo to them). I have the snail maile address somewhere, if you would like me to dig it out.

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