Need clarify which tickets allow park hopping at USF/IOA


DIS Veteran
Jan 5, 2000
DH and I will be in Orlando for five days and want to spend one day (only) at USF/IOA. Does the one-day ticket allow visiting both USF and IOA, or only one or the other?

Texas Aggie's wife (a DIS Veteran again, AT LAST!)
Well, I followed the links on this site to Universal's own site and found that the answer is no, it's only one park, one day! No park hopping on the single day pass. Guess we might buy the 2-day pass, figuring we'll use the second day on another trip.

Texas Aggie's wife (a DIS Veteran again, AT LAST!)
The only ticket (that is regularly sold) that does not allow park hopping is single day passes. They are only good for one park. The multiday passes really are the way to go. You get unlimited park-hopping and the unused days never expire.



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