Need car rental after we leave please!


Earning My Ears
Jul 31, 2001
We're planning to take a shuttle or taxi to the Poly and will stay until Saturday, Feb 2nd at which time we'll need to rent a car for 2 or 3 days to drive within 75 miles of WDW. Anyone have any ideas on the best and cheapest way to do this? Are there car rental agencies close to the Poly? We'd like to drop the car off at the airport when we leave.....should we just shuttle back to the airport on the 2nd and rent a car there? Our last night, the 4th, we'll be staying at a hotel close to the airport. Thanks for any help you can give.
rent it from the airport...
take MEARS Transportation to and from airport they cost about $25.00 per person r/t
unless the rental car company at the SWAN/Dolphin allows one way rentals
not sure of the name but u could call and they would tell u. some car rental Companys allow one way rentals like avis u can rent in one spot drop off in another for no charge
and others charge.. if u rent from swan /dolphin would save u from shuttling back to airport . then u wold save about 30.00 or so in shuttle fees and i think it is Avis at the swan/dolphin but im not sure. peter hope this
Good luck
People have posted on the transportation board that National still has a desk at the Swan/Dolphin but you have to shuttle out to the car care center to get the car, so you may as well just go straight to the car care center. National will pick you up at the Poly and shuttle you to the car care center, it's right down the road.


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