Need Aaron Carter info


Earning My Ears
May 7, 2001
My son's friend just returned from a Wonder cruise and said that Aaron Carter and family were on it. I thought they weren't going until April 28??? I have booked the April 28 cruise as a surprise for my son...

Anyone have any information on this????

April 28 is DEFINITELY the Aaron Carter cruise. :)

If Aaron sailed recently it was not in any official capacity and I'm sure he did not perform.

Enjoy your cruise! :)
I just took my kids to see Aaron Monday night so I know he wasn't on a cruise then!
hi, i'm 15 years old and my mom gave this cruise to me as a x-mas present and i was so surprised and happy and i was wondering what other teens,if any, were going in april! i posted a message asking if any teens were going in april but no one has replyed back to me and i posted it a while mom just told me that you have a son who's a teenager going and i was just wondering if maybe he would like to switch e-mail addresses with me so i know atleast one person that's on the boat! i went on the 4-day cruise with my family in july and i found another teen girl who was going on the same date so we switched sn's and was talking and getting to know eachother be4 we went on the cruise and it worked out really well! i found out that she was actually staying in the same hotel as us also! so if you're ok with this, then you can e-mail my mom on her other screen name and it's then my mom can give your son my screen name so we can e-mail eachother be4 the cruise. is your son a BIG aaron carter fan?? well i am and i heard that NICK CARTER was going to be on it too and i am a HUGE fan of his and the backstreet boys!!!!
well i hope that we here from you soon!!! and i cantr wait to see aaron carter!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

Aaron Carter is the teen brother of Nick Carter who is one of the Backstreet Boys. Aaron also has his own singing career. He has a couple of CDs out and has opened for the Backstreet Boys and had his own concert tour. Hope this helped.
my knowledge of singing groups ended with the rolling stones....
although my 14 year old never heard of him either....but then again we live overseas which might explain that...

Disneyholic family-His target audience is young girls (real young-my girls are 5 and 7 and love him). If your 14 year old is a boy, I'm not surprised that he does not know of him. I took my girls to see him Monday night and it was almost all mothers and daughters! He's very cute, I think the girls like him more for his looks and dancing more than his singing voice.
oh....let's see...who was i in love with in elementary school?...
davy jones of the monkees...(talk about true confessions)...
It was Donny Osmond for me, and I still think he's pretty cute! It scares me that my 5 year old is already into this kind of stuff.
nutsoverdisney- my son is only 7- sorry. He's a HUGE AC fan, and so is the rest of the entire 2nd grade. We went to see him in August and I must admit- it was a very entertaining show. (Leslie and Aaron Carter, A*Teens and Myra)

OK- I'm gonna show my age here.....seeing Aaron Carter and all the little girlies screaming reminded me of - YIKES - Shawn Cassidy!

Anyhow- my son has no clue I booked this cruise for him. We went last May on the Magic 7-day to the Virgin Islands and had a blast!


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