Need a Buffet for Teen Boys!!


Sep 14, 2000
I am traveling to WDW with 5 teen boys ages 13-16, will be staying at OKW and can cook/prep most foods. It would be nice to eat out occasionally. Need to find reasonably priced buffet off site. Also, what do you think is best place to eat (sit down restaurant) on site? Cost and variety are both factors. These guys are hungry--and growing.
Try the Ponderosa Steakhouse. They have an awesome breakfast buffet for $3.99. They also have a lunch and dinner buffet that is slightly higher. There are several locations throughout the Orlando/Kissimmee area. Look for coupons in Orlando guidebooks and from their website.
I like the Golden Corral on 192. They have the best chicken and mashed potatoes.
I don't know if you are interested in a buffet at disney...

but the Hollywood and Vine Restaurant at MGM has a great buffet.

Lots of good plain food and turkey and roast beef, chicken, tons of salads, vegs, big asst of desserts.

Not cheap at about $l8 pp, but something to think about.

I would check out menus at for lots help in deciding where to eat.

You may want to try Trails End at the campground. This would also allow them to run off some of that "boy" energy! We went for lunch in Dec and after eating DH and I sat while our boys (10, 13) ran around. Very nice afternoon.
I just wanted to say "Bless you my child"! :D

I've taken several trips to WDW with 2 teenage boys and I just can't imagine trying it with 5! The guys love Trails End, Chef Mickeys, Boma, & Golden Corral. We also went to a Pizza Buffet (offsite) but I forget where. They really liked that one.

My son loves the pizza and sandwiches at Disney Quest. I thought the food was good and the price was reasonable.

We'll have to check out the Ponderosa next trip.

Great topic!

Hi.....we would rec OFFSITE cheap......Golden Corral on 192 west....OFFSITE expensive..Angels all you can eat Lobster and Prime rib buffet on 192 just west of Disney(about 24 dollars but 3 dollars off per meal coupons in all the coupon books at the hotels, one coupon good for the whole party)....ONSITE character about 15 to 20 dollars.......CHEF Mickeys....ON SITE BIERGARTEN in
Germany or Askerus in Norway, both at EPCOT.......OFFSITE< CHINESE...BILLK WONGS on International Drive...good luck...Ted
Golden Corral- greasy bad food IMHO
Pondersosta- really good food especially wings

defidently go w/ pondersosta my kids love it!
Trail's End what I would reccomend. I know you said off site, but if you go there for a late lunch.....that will save money. You can let them eat all they want & then run all they want out side too. I have 9, 13 & 15 yrs (2 girls & 1 boy) and they as well as my huband love Trail's End. We have eaten in there so many times, the waiter got to know us..... oh by the way, my 13 yr old (daughter) wants to know when you will be there LOL!!!:smooth:
Angels is my DS's favorite. But last time we went 2 or 3 bus loads of high schoolers came in and it got relly crowded.
If you go to the site for the Orlando Sentinnel, they have printable coupons for most of the off-site buffets, etc. that people have mentioned. You can also find coupons in those little books that they have at the welcome center and in hotel lobbies, etc.
There is a chain called Sweet Tomatoes that is really great. It is salads, desserts, pasta, breads. There is a huge selection of all kinds of different salads - those with meat and those without.
There are a couple sites in the Orlando area.
I would also recommend Trails End Buffet in Fort Wilderness. The pricing is excellent and the food is really good.
Thanks for reading and posting here. I really think we're going to have a great time--these kids are super kids and always a pleasure to have around the house.

I have one of the little tour books that are put out in hotels--it is from a year ago, but gives me an idea of what's there, what coupons are offerred. It is nice to know from your experiences, what is a good place and what is best to keep away from.

Thanks again!
Trail's End Buffet was a $8.95 lunch, adult price, which all of you would be considered. You can walk about FW, go thru WL and even take a boat ride over to MK and ride the monorails for free. Nice day! We will be doing that during April trip. My kids are little and will enjoy the petting zoo.
Ponderosa Steakhouse and Golden Corral; their dinner as well as breakfast buffets were great! Also, Shoneys was good too.


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