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May 28, 2000
I've got ressies for July 2 for 10 days for a minivan, EA, and ER/size. I am checking rates to see if it has reduced sinced others seem to get one. I'm using Priceless and ENT coupon. I had WEBK code but now my prices have increased by $55. What codes are you using now to get the lower price?

I need to make another ressie for a July 27th but again the rates are outragesly high.


Not sure I understand your reservation, but it sounds like you have 2: one EA and one for a minivan (ER). I don't know if you'll be able to get a good rate from National for a minivan, and in my experience using the product codes only makes the price increase; I stick to corporate ID and coupon codes. If you really need a minivan, try Dollar with the code bb45. My sis rented for a week in June, $194 before taxes, etc. Hold your EA ressie, though. I got lucky in Dec and snagged a brand new minivan from EA, for $108 including all taxes, etc. Used priceless vacations code from mousesavers and a coupon for $20 off a weekly rental from BJ's. Right now I have a ressie for June (6/15-6/22) on EA for $104, all incl, using priceless code and BJ's coupon. I'm hoping for a PT cruiser (DD's alltime favorite) or a minivan...we'll see.

FYI, on the BJ's associate says you do not have to be a BJ's member, just shop in their store. They stock the flyers with the coupons in a rack at the front of the store, for all shoppers to use. The flyer comes with the coupons and a BJ's travel services card. Works for me!
I have 3. Minivan, EA/Intermediate, and ER/Full-size. I want to know what product rate code is being used along with the Contract ID of Priceless and the Coupon ID from Entertainment.

There is not a BJ's where I live.

BB45 ends on June 22. Bummer!!!

I have an 11 day minivan rental starting June 13th. Using the priceless and entertainment coupon my total cost (including tax, etc.) is about $285. I have found that using a product code seems to override the contract code so the price may go up. I've been making / cancelling / making this reservation for the past 3 months. The total cost has been as high as $550 with the low at $285. My guess it that the rate is higher than you'd expect becaus of the July 4th holiday.
I have an EA 9 day ressie for $144.50 using Entertainment coupon and Priceless code for Oct 15-23. I booked this on March 3 and have never gotten it lower, or even close. The coupons and codes take the same percentage off, but the weekly rates are much higher now. The weekly rate I got was $110.99, but I just checked and the same EA intermediate cars are now $229.90 - more than double.
I had hoped that once Disney started the free bus service that rental car prices would drop, but the opposite has happened! Just glad I booked when I did.
My experience is the same as EdDome. We have a 10-day minivan rental, May 31 to June 10, for $246, using the Priceless code and Entertainment coupon off the web. The latest change was a reduction of $80 and that happened about a week ago.
I have a minivan rental from 6-18 --> 6-24 using codes from National (not EA just counter service). Got a rate of $190.45 including all taxes and fees.
Can you guy please explain the priceless and coupon codes that you are using to get such great deals for a mini van rental.
The Priceless code is from a travel agency called Priceless Vacations. It seems to be a public code, I got it from Mousesavers. The code is 6600330. It eliminates the airport concession fee.

I have used it several times from both MCO and Sanford with no problems. The coupon from the Entertainment book is from either the book or from the web site. You need to have purchased the book to get the coupon (but if you search carefully, you may find a link to the coupon without purchasing the book)

Check Mousesavers for current codes, Mary does a good job on keeping them updated. You can also check out

National will stack discounts, but you may need to keep trying as different combinations work better than others. And lately, National has had some of the best rates available.


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