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Oct 30, 1999
We just got home from a stay at WDW and we are happy to report after some advise from this board, my wife joined the Emerald Aisle Club. We were able to get over their website an intermeadiate size car for $115.99/wk. When we arrived at MCO, we were able to upgrade to a Mitzubishi Montereo Sport (SUV) at no additional price! THANKS!
The day (Jan.1)that we arrived at MCO they had Grand AM's, Blazers, Aleros,Regals, etc. We picked up the car at around 12:00 pm.

We just booked with National for the first time...So when you get to the aisle and have an Intermed booked they let you upgrade to a better car? is this always the case? thanks...K :D

that is only true if you have or are going to get Emerald Club

otherwise, you will just have the choice of the car category you are in...

intermediate ...any intermediate

compact....any compact

and so on

if you have Emerald Aisle you get the choice of what ever is there

it could be intermediate, full size, suv, PJ cruisers sometimes...trucks ....vans....what ever is there you get to choose

but you must be an Emerald Club member

the fee is waived for Disney Club members ...if you have DC check out the site to find out about this....
I was there Jan 3, 2001 for 4 days. Used the Emerald card and Entertainment coupon. But since I didn't stay for more than 5 days, I don't qualify for the weekly rate, and ended up paying $105 for 4 days.

Arrived at the airport around 1 p.m. Plenty of cars available. my mother in law (very vain woman) was looking for a Cadillac, but there was none available. We ended up driving away in a Buick LeSabre.

Other cars that I saw at that time are mostly Grand Ams, Intrigue, Century or Malibu. However, I did see 3 or 4 Mitsubishi Montero SUV and Ford Explorers mixed in. There's also one Mitsubishi Eclipse, toyota Camry Solara, Intrepid, Bonneville, Camry and Galant. As you can see, quite a varied selection from multiple car makers.
We do have an emrald card......we just got one I changed my car size to Intermed for $40 less and hopefully I'll get a choice of a larger car too......thanks for the info.... :eek:

Book a full size car rather than an intermediate. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the full size costs the same as the intermediate. Furthermore, for those of you not interested in paying $50 to become an EA member, sign up for free at
yes intermediate/standard/full size are usually the same price with Emerald Club....

fee is waived through Disney Club too
I booked with my EA card and got a discount....but I also have a Disney Club card and can't figure out what Number I'm supposed to use to get that discount also???? Does anyone know....Thanks :rolleyes:
when we arrived at the aisle on Jan 4, and Isuzu Trooper was available(SUV)-very large and quite roomy, even in the back. there was plenty of room for our luggage.


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