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  1. gonna go cruising

    gonna go cruising Mouseketeer

    Apr 21, 2002
    On our last cruise we were a bit disappointed in Nassau and within two hours we boarded the ship again to just kick back and relax. Did we just happen to go the wrong direction? I have read many do not even disembark in Nassau, and I am fine with just staying on the ship but do not want to miss something that is pretty close to the port. I really dont plan on any excursions, so would you all recommend staying on board? I welcome any suggestions.

  2. bigsky

    bigsky <font color=teal>4 by land, and<br><font color=dar

    May 14, 2003
    Personally, I would never stay on the ship without at least checking out the port. You never know, you may love it. Everyone has their own opinion as to what they like and don't like.

    Nassau, we plan to spend the day at Atlantis. Book a room at the Comfort Suites and have full access to everything there. I hear it's wonderful!

    I've read many people don't like Freeport. We went on another line last Fall. We ended up there because of a hurricane and loved it! Took in an excursion and went snorkeling. The water was beautiful out there!

    So we would have never seen it if we just sat on the ship. If you've been to a port many times and decide to just enjoy the ship, that's one thing. But some people will never go back and may miss something.

    Just my two cents..;)

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  4. ElaineMc

    ElaineMc Mouseketeer

    Aug 14, 2003
    We too are checking in at Comfort Suites and spending the day at Atlantis. You're only in port for so long and you have the ship the rest of the time. Of course as this being my first cruise I may not want to get off the ship, but knowing me, I'll have to check everything out. 19 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smooth:
  5. floridaminnie

    floridaminnie Enjoying life one adventure at a time.

    Mar 4, 2002
    The first time to Nassau I didn't get off. The second time, I did a snorkling excursion. Excursion was excellent, but wasn't impressed with area around. JMHO
  6. TexasGirl

    TexasGirl DIS Veteran

    Jul 19, 2003
    We've been Nassau 3 times and love it. Most recently last Tuesday. I wouldn't miss it. This last time we went to Atlantis. The times before we took a city tour, time before a nature park. Love it.
  7. Bacrd

    Bacrd Mouseketeer

    Jul 9, 2003
    ElaineMC...please let us know how the CS works out. We are doing the same Oct 31 and will be curious to find out how it goes with the early check-in and pool privledges. I wish I only had 19 days!!!
  8. aprilgail2

    aprilgail2 Guest

    I would never get off the ship again in Nassau... what a DUMP!!...,....I made the mistake 2 times of checking out Nassau, once many years ago and then this past year I thought maybe it might have changed but nope...still the same old dump it was back then! Unless you are planning on going to Atlantis I wouldn't bother leaving the ship.
  9. newbycruiser

    newbycruiser May you live as long as you want and want to as lo

    Jul 18, 2002
    I vote for staying on the ship.

    We got off, went to Del Sol, bought a T shirt that changes color in the sun, and went back on the boat. We were practically accosted by the natives while there...

    The ship was wonderful! My DD enjoyed the pool and the Mickey slide, NOBODY was there, it was great!

    Do what you want, we did, we felt like being lazy, didnt do an excursion, and were OK with it!

  10. ElaineMc

    ElaineMc Mouseketeer

    Aug 14, 2003
    Checking into Comfort Suites was a breeze. I think we got there around 11:00 a.m. and it was no problem checking in that early. I think they are used to people booking a room and then going over to Atlantis and not staying at the hotel. We got our room card and walked over to Atlantis where they gave us our wrist bands. We probably stayed at Atlantis until around 3:00 p.m. and I thought that was more than enough time to see the Dig and swim. The water slides were great, especially for my daughter. I probably wouldn't do it again given the opportunity though. This being my first cruise and it only being a 3 dayer, I really just wanted to get back on the ship and hang out there. Have fun!
  11. hydster

    hydster <font color=teal>Self Proclaimed <font color=green

    Jan 29, 2002
    We loved Nassau AND Freeport! It was an amazing adventure for our kids who got to see that not everyone has a nice 5 bedroom house in the world and they got to see a little poverty which in our opinion did them good! We had a blast just walking around talking with the local people and learning about their culture and things! We did an excursion of the glass bottom boat which was NOT impressive to any of us but just going to the straw market, walking around, watching people was good for the kids and we loved it! We did get a taxi to take us around for an hour and it was enjoyable as well. We got to see some stuff you dont get to see on a tour and the taxi driver was very pleasant to deal with! Of course we HAVE been to dumpy cities like Ocho Rios Jamaica where we were scared on every excursion (been there 3 times still dont like it) and we have been to Panama and Costa Rica where REAL poverty exists and while the cities arent clean like an American city is they are still beautiful in their own way! I guess either I didnt see the "dump" parts as people have said on here or else I have a different idea of what "dump" is but we enjoyed it!! The people can be a little overwhelming but a firm NO Thank You usually will do it! Some of those people that is how they make their living (kind of like the telemarketers here in the know the pushy ones that called during dinner and wouldnt let you get a breath in edgewise?) but other than that we found both Nassau and Freeport to be charming in their own way! I dont know that we would ever take a cruise to a port and not at least get off and experience it in some way, shape or form but maybe that is just us!

  12. takemeaway

    takemeaway <font color=red>Domestic Goddess<br><font color=te

    Jun 9, 2003
    WE loved the Dolphin Encounter/Blue Lagoon excursion. I think if you are getting off at Nassau, go somewhere else...either Atlantis or Blue Lagoon.

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