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Earning My Ears
Mar 2, 2005
This is my very first dining review so bear with me, we arrived and went directly to Epcot where we ate our 1st counter service at the Electric Umbrella. DH had a double cheeseburger platter, cookie, and drink. DD (8) had the kids chicken nugget meal and cookie, and I had a turkey sandwich platter and cookie. The meal was okay, not bad but not excellant either. We each used a counter service option.

We had two waters and a Mickey bar for a snack.

That evening we went over to the ESPN Club for dinner, the wait was longer than I expected but bareable. DH had wings, a bbq pork sandwich platter, drink, and a hockey puck for dessert. I had a salad, a burger platter, drink, and a hockey puck. DD had nachos, chicken tenders, drink, and a ice cream for dessert. We tipped our waitress extra as she was attentive and we liked her a lot! Used 3 counter service options.

Next day we went to the Flame Tree BBQ for lunch and had a really great meal!!! DH had the pork sandwich meal, DD had hot dog meal, and I had the chicken sandwich meal. We all had frozen lemonade for dessert. 3 counter services.

For a snack we had two sodas and an ice cream.

Dinner we ate at the Concourse Steakhouse. I had the chicken pasta, the onion soup, and cheesecake. DH had wings, steak, side, and chocolate cake. DD had shrimp, chicken, and a sundae. Used 3 table service.

3rd day we ate at the Libert Inn. DH had double cheeseburger meal and ice cream for dessert, DD had hot dog combo and ice cream, I had a hot dog combo and ice cream for dessert. Used 3 counter services.

We didn't get snacks this day, we were way too full. For dinner we went to the Plaza Restaurant and had really great service!!! DD had a salad, kids turkey sandwich platter, and a mickloedeon for dessert. DH had the potato soup, a cheese steak platter, and a banana split for dessert. I had a salad, the club sandwich platter, and a unicycle for dessert. Our CM was great, his name was Reda (so if you read here, we loved you!!!!), he always had our drinks refilled and was right there for whatever we needed.

Finally we ate at Catalina Eddie's, the pizza wasn't very good though. I had the bbq pizza meal and a slice of chocolate cake. DD had pepperoni pizza meal and chocolate cake, and DH had a pepperoni pizza meal and cake. We were starved and didn't feel like waiting a long time or hopping to another park so we just settled for what we found.

For dinner we went to the Maya Grill, as we were staying at the Coronado. It was extra magic hour at MGM so we decided to have a leisurely dinner before heading back to see Fantasmic. DD shared our appitizers, I had a carribean chicken roll and DH had pork empanadas. I had the beef tips, potatoes, and mushrooms, DH had the ribs and his sides, and DD had the kids steak and fries. For dessert DD had ice cream, and DH and I had creme brulee. It was really good and we were happy with the service.

We ended up using the rest of our snacks for drinks and popcorn after Fantasmic.

The next day we just hung out at Coronado and ate at Pepper Market. We tipped all the CMs above what the plan gave. We just felt that our services was great and they deserved the extra tip. And we ended up saving a lot of money using the dining plan, I'd recommend it and would definately use it again when we go back.
Thanks for posting your review. We're going to be getting the dining plan also. Can't wait!

Thanks for posting your experience. I would have thought ESPN would have been TS.
Oops, I wrote that wrong, we used 3 table service meals at ESPN.

The hockey puck is a brownie that is covered in chocolate, with a white chocolate sauce over the top. Then they put a chocolate hockey stick sticking out of it. It was yummy!!!
Thanks for your reviews.

I have a question about Flame Tree BBQ. Do they have any indoor seating? I really want to try the ribs, but can't see us sitting outside in July sweating as we eat lunch.


Great job on the reviews. We go next month :banana: and plan on eating at the ESPN Cafe. Glad that you liked it. I thought my DH and my DS's would enjoy that since they like sports so much. In regards to the wait you had, what time did you eat? Did you walk around the Boardwalk and see any of the entertainment? We are also going to eat at the Concourse. My DH and I have not eaten there since our honeymoon 10 years ago, so are looking forward to that. :flower:


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