Mythos adult, children and dessert menu through April 24th right here...


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Jan 31, 2001
Hey guys, here I am with our restaraunt menus, effective through the 24th.


Mythos Jumbo Shrimp and Crab Claw Cocktail-create your own version of this classic served on ice with spicy cocktail sauce. $2 a piece.
Tempura Shrimp Sushi-with wasabi and soy drizzle. $8.
Wood Oven Pizza of the Day. $7.
Maine Lobster and Corn Bisque. $4.50.
Roasted Tomatoe Soup-with basil cream drizzle. $4.50.


Vine Ripened Tomato Salad-with Buffalo Mozzarella. $6.95.
Chinese Chicken Salad-with Organic Soy and Sesame dressing. $10.
Heart of Romain Caesar-with homemade croutons. $5.50. with Grilled Chicken $9.50. with shrimp or fresh fish $10.50.
Mixed Baby Greens-with Stilton bleu cheese and tart cherry vinaigrette. $5.


Gnocchi with Chicken and Roasted Vegetables-werved with a tomato and fennel broth. $15.
Risotto of the Day- $14.
Shrimp and Penne Alfredo- with seasonal vegetables, cream and reggiano parmesan. $13.50.


Wild Mushroom Meatloaf- with roasted tomato mash and fried tobasco onions. $15.
Blackened Corvina-with four cheese fusilli and a smokey tomato okra sauce. $16.
Cedar Planked Salmon- with balsamic drizzle, citus butter sauce and orange horseradish mashed potatoes. $16.50.
Seared Pork Tenderloin- with soft cheddar polenta and wild mushrooms. $14.
Mythos Hamburger- topped with cheddar cheese and applewood bacon and served with dries. $9.95.
It's A Wrap- Chef's daily creation wrapped in a grilled tortilla. $12.
Grilled Chicken Club-with smoked applewood bacon, Vermont cheddar and ranch dressing, served with fries. $9.95.
Balsamic Chicken- with a baked potato tart and roasted garlic. $15.
Grilled Sterling Steak- with Chef MArk's Potatoes and Worcestershire glaze. $19.


Child's Hamburger-with fries and a soda. $5.95.
Grilled Barbecue Chicken-with fries or mash and a soda. $5.95.
Cheese Pizza-with a soda. $5.95.
Linguini-with marinera sauce and a soda. $5.95.
Upgrade soda to shake or smoothie- $2.95.


Tasting of Chocolate- $7.
KAhlua Creme Brulee- $4.95.
Apple Tart Tatin- $5.25.
Warm Chocolate Banana Gooey Cake- $5.25.
Strawberry Shortcake- $4.95.
Crispy Praline Cheesecake Roll up- $4.95.
Kid's Bannaa Split-$2.95.

Steven Jayson- Executive Chef
Mark Wachowiak- Chef de' Cuisine
Jorge Valentin- Manager

We have an extensive wine and drink list, but the men uis long enough to type as it is!

Like I said this menu is effect till the 24th, which means if you come after then this one might have changed. I heard today that we are lsoing the gnocchi chicken and meatloaf on the next menu, the corvina will revert to the corvina provancail seen on previous menus, and that will get the popular mushroom sautee appetizer back. At the very least, this gives you a tentative idea of what to expect. Any questions or comments, feel free to post em!
Thanks, sounds wonderful. A couple more vegetarian items would be appreciated, but hopefully my girlfriend will find something on the menu she can eat when we visit later this year.


Yes, I would like to see more vegetarian dishes as well, to round out the menu. I've come up with some neat grilled veg plates, but they never get farther than the planning stages. Chef's a meat and potatoes kind of guy.

However, we do get many vegetarians, like your girlfriend, so we are more than happy to make, say a gnocchi without the chicken and tomato fennel sauce (it contains chix stock) or a shrimp primavera without the shrimp.

Hope that helps.
I ate at Mythos in November. As a vegetarian I can recommend the Shrimp and Penne alfredo w/seasonal vegetables, minus the shrimp. It was heaven! Also, both the baby greens salad and tomatoe/mozzarella salad were awesome (but heavy on the dressing).


Thanks for the info and comments about veggie food (also secondcook, telll your chef to open his eyes to the non-meat world, it can be interesting and tasty!). Looking forward to our visit, and hope to include a visit to Mythos on our travels. is there any discount for annual passholders?


Another veggie-seeker checking in. Thanks for the menu!
Can't wait to try this place in May! Thanks for the menu. Nice to see grilled BBQ chicken for the kids instead of the same old fried strips.

We ate at your restaurant on the 18th and LOVED it. It is my favorite one, and we will be back in September. Congrats on a wonderful job!


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