my trip to islands of adventure


Earning My Ears
Nov 10, 2000
On the 17th my family and I, which includes my mom, my 9 year old brother and me (i'm 18) went to ioa. We had a family reunion starting the 18th in Bradenton, fl and we were driving down from michigan so i talked my mom into going to ioa. So we got there a little after nine AM, it was kindof chilly that day but being from michigan it wasn't to bad, but it was to cold to go on the water rides. When we finally got into ioa it was a lot smaller then i thought it would be but i liked that.
We started out at marvel super hero island and did spiderman first, it wasn't to bad of a wait, about 30 minutes. But the ride was well worth it! we sat in the very back row, my favorite part was the fall! Next we went on dr. dooms fearfall, only one of the towers was working so it took a little longer to get on. I wasn't to impressed with this ride, being shot up was fun but i like the power tower at cedar point much better. but it did have a neat queqe area. After that we were going to go on the hulk but it was an hour wait so we ask a girl for directions to jurassic park and she asked us if we wanted to try this universal express thing and we got it for spiderman and the hulk to come back later and not have to wait in line which i thought was a great idea!
We then headed to jurassic park and since i'm a big fan of jurassic park i was very impressed with it. First we went to go on the river adventure but it was broken down :( they said that some of the dinosaurs had gotten loose and as soon as they got them the ride would open again, which i thought was kindof funny. So went and had lunch at thunder falls terrace and then we went to the triceratops encounter, i thought this was really cool, i thought cera was very life like and it even smelled in the barn which i thought was a nice touch. We walked around some more in jp and just enjoyed the surroundings and the music (that's another thing the music in the park in fantasic!).
Next we went to The lost continent, this is one of my favorite islands. So we decided to go on the flying unicorn because it looked cute. The wait was about 20 minutes which might seem a little much to some people being that the ride is not even a minute long but we enjoyed it. Then we decided to head for dueling dragons but it was an hour wait so we headed to suess landings which was all decorated like whoville, we had seen the grinch the day before so we enjoyed suess landings much more. I really liked how they made it snow, it made me feel like i was home in michigan. My brother and i went on the caro-suess-el, then we went on, one fish two red fish blue fish. After that it was time to head over to spiderman with our express pass which was great because we waited about 5 minutes to get on and the ride was just as fun as the first time and this time we sat in the front. After that it was time for the hulk with our express pass and we waited about ten minutes instead of the hour wait in line. Thankfully my brother was tall enough for it, i loved this ride so much! After that we went back to jurassic park and my brother and i went on the river adventure we waited about 15 minutes. This ride was fun some of the dinosaurs looked a little fake but the t-rex and the drop was great! After this we only had time for one more ride so we went on the duelings dragons and rode ice, we waited about 30 minutes but that was because we sat in the front, these inverted rollercoasters are my favorite kind! My brother had a little accident on this ride he was telling us before we got on it that he had to go to the bathroom but we told him it was to late and after we got off he told us that he had wet his pants! i sure do feel sorry for the person who sat there next! and the queqe area was incredible too! Before we left we wanted to do a little shopping and i wanted to get the soundtrack to the park but i couldn't find it so i asked the lady at the counter if they had them and they did! they were right on the counter!
My overall impression of the park is i thought it was incredible, i can't say if i liked it better then disney, they're both great parks! oh and i forgot to say this we did walk through toon lagoon, i thought this place was great! but it was too cold to go on the rides :( if i left anything out, our you have any questions feel free to ask!
Hi Carrie
Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Sounds like you had a great time. Did you like thunder falls terrace? :)

Aloha Carrie!
I am glad you had a good time and hope you get to return when it is warm so you can ride all of the rides including the water ones!

I feel for your brother. Poor thing, how embarrassing for him. I hope it didn't affect how he feels about the parks and that overall he enjoyed himself too. :)
I have a few questions? i'll be going there next week 1/10 through 1/17 one week! what one should i head to first? what ride was your favorite? what one wasn't so good? and which one got you wet? could you please write back someone :rolleyes: :) :cool: ;) <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">


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