my perdy song


Jun 12, 2002
haha im really bored... so i wrote a it goes
The Waffle House Song....
I wish i was born at the waffle house
thats where i would like to be
wish i was born at the waffle house
then i might get waffles for free!
wasnt born at the waffle house
have to truely say
wasnt born at the waffle house
i was born at chick-fil-a
but chick-fil-a is so much worse
i dont like it there
the workers at the chick-fil-a have good teeth and no sparced facial hair
wasnt born at the waffle house
have to truely say
wasnt born at the waffle house
but its where i spent my dying day
choked on a waffle at the waffle house
in the booth by the tree
choked on a waffle at the waffle house
and at the funeral waffles were freeee!
hehehe, i dunno if ur talking bout the restraunts but i luv chick-fil-a and waffle house is a tradition going down to MB or FL
Never heard of the Waffle House..........but.......

I had Chick-fil-a for lunch today! lol
waffle house is a place that is Wonderful every1 my age in my city hangs out there...its either that or the gas station...hmmm go figure i live in alabama with all the hicks
Where I live everyone hangs out at the Wawa (for those who don't know, it's like a 7-11).......and they hang out at Wendy's. Fun times :rolleyes:
I've never heard of the waffle house, but it was a pretty funny song!!! lol!
I liked your song. It was amusing :) :teeth:

The Waffle House is yummy... there's one on the way back from Orlando. When I go with my friends Rebecca and Ralph (sister and brother) to WDW or Universal and we come back late we always stop there cuz it's open 24 hours.
We don't have ne waffle houses!!:( The closest one is like 4 hours away next the the louisiana state borderline !!!! I havent eaten there. But on the way to WDW the first time we counted the waffle houses lol.
yup..we don't have any in Houston! :(

the closer you get to Lousiana the more you see
and I know there are a couple in Dallas

my mom said the ones in Houston all closed or something like that
how sad...i couldnt live if our waffle house's closed....there is one like right behind my neighborhood and my sis said she would take me and my friend the first day of school...woo hoo im all esxcited
I count how many waffle houses I see when we drive to Florida :)

Oh! And we have some WaWa's in NJ, I've just never been to them
I want a waffle house! We are getting an Ihop, but that is a step in the right direction!


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