My Mom


Apr 12, 2009
Today is my late mother's Birthday. She's been gone a few years now. She kicked me out of the house at 15, so admittedly was not the best mother in the world.
About 3 weeks before she died (completely unexpectedly) and during our last ever conversation, she finally apologized. I'm sorry I never got the chance to tell her how much that meant.

Happy Birthday Mom. I love you.


DIS Veteran
Jul 23, 2012
No matter what the situation, losing a parent is never easy. Thank you for sharing here. Even though you didn't get to tell your mom how much her apology meant to you, you were able to share your story here. And that means a lot to so many people reading it. Thank you for encouraging me today.

Diana ZP

Earning My Ears
Jan 15, 2019
We, (my husband and self), lost both of our moms with 2 months of each other summer of 2019. While it was a blessing for them both to be out of pain and confusion,(mom in law had stomach cancer, my mom had Alzheimer's) we still have such needs to talk to them, ask them questions etc... but I do know that mom's are always there with us, be it memories, photos whatever. Your mom knows you care and is watching over you. Peace and hugs