My mom came through the surgery OK


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Sep 16, 1999
She had to have a biopsy done on a lump on her chest. For those of you who didn't get read my other post, she had a mastectomy 5 years ago and her Dr just found a lump near her scar. Anyway, he doesn't think it's cancer, but they need to be sure. I think they will know Friday if it is or not.
The surgery didn't seem to bother her at all, and she said she felt fine. She was a little wiggy, though, in a funny way.
If you have any more prayers, I know she would appreciate them. (And so would I!) Thanks for all you have said so far, the replies on my other post were very nice, thank you all so much again!
Sonya, You have my prayers. I hope you get good news.


I'm glad it looks like everything will be okay. I'll continue to pray that you'll get good news on Friday.
Continued prayers for your mom. I hope you have good results from the biopsy. I am glad to know that the doctor seems optimistic and that your mom is doing okay.
Oh Sonya, I was going to reply to your other post, but I got kicked off the net, then I couldn't find your thread. :(

I so happy everything went well today. I will be praying for your mother. I hope you have wonderful news on Friday. I will say a little prayer of you too. :)
I'm so glad the first reports are good. Those drs usually are right with their first look and I hope the reports come back clear too. I dont mind saying some more prayers for your mom. :)
Drat! - you get to that 5 year mark & you think you're home free! So sorry your Mom had to go thru this - hope the rest of the news is good!
Glad to hear it looks good, Sonya. Great news. My prayers continue to be with her. You guys will need to celebrate with a Missouri Kaki Gori. :sunny:
Thanks everyone! Dan, what's a Missouri kaki-gori? :-)

I have to say, I get a little afraid when the Dr says it looks good, that's what they said about her 1st biopsy 5 years ago. But that could just be the pessismist in me. :rolleyes:
Great news! I hope the results are negative. Let us know.

I'm glad to hear the surgery went smooth Sonya; I'm sure it'll be tough until you know for sure, and I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. . . hopefully the doctors are right this time and it's nothing serious. . :)
I'm glad that your mom's procedure is over with.

I'll be praying that the results are negative.
Sonya, that is really good. I hope the news is what you want to hear on friday. :)
Glad to hear that she did well, keeping her in my prayers!
Hugs. It's always tough to wait out results. I will pray for you and your mom.
Good to hear.. Continued good thoughts for your mom.


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