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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Retrievil, May 3, 2009.

  1. Retrievil

    Retrievil Earning My Ears

    May 3, 2009
    Hello all. I just registered to post this review. We had such a good time, and found the plan to be worth it. Mostly because I read this board before I went and knew what restaurants to eat at, what snacks to get, etc.

    I thought I should return the favour, and pass what I learned on to the next people reading up on the plan. We did 7 days at WDW. Stayed at Pop Century, park hopper tickets, and were on the regular dining plan. I made all my ADRs 85 days in advance. I'm going to post prices (taxes included), as I think it helps people decide if the plan is a good deal or not. Sorry, no pictures. My wife has a 'do not film me while I eat (or I'll kill you)' rule. :goodvibes

    Sunday: We got in around 8PM so it was too late to use TS credits so we just used 2 CS ones.

    Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe
    2 x Half Chicken & BBQ Rib Combo $27.98
    2 x Large drinks $5.18
    2 x Carrot Cake $7.18
    Total = $42.96

    Pretty darn good. The chicken was nice, and the ribs were fantastic. Potatoes were powdered (according to my wife) but still good. Served with green beans.


    Main Street Bakery - Magic Kingdom - 2 x Snacks
    2 x Warm Banana Cake things $7.18
    Total = $7.46

    A nice choice for breakfast. These things were huge and easily kept us going until lunch.

    Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Inn and Cafe - Magic Kingdom - 2 x CS
    BBQ Pork Sandwich - Smoked pulled pork served with your choice of French fries or Apple Slices - $7.59
    Chicken Wrap - Served chilled with seasoned chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese tossed with PECOS house dressing served with your choice of french fries or Apple Slices. Without Chicken $7.59
    2 x Large drinks $5.18
    2 x Carrot Cake $7.18
    Total = $29.33

    The pork sandwich wasn't bad. Nothing to write home about though. The chicken wrap was pretty good and big enough to feed 2 people no problem. We should have just gone back to Cosmic Ray's though, it was better.

    Chef Mickey's Buffet - Contemporary Resort - 2 x TS
    2 x Adults 59.98
    Total = $63.87

    This is a must do imo. The food was probably the best I've ever had at a buffet and the desserts were perfect. Turkey, Roast Beef, prawns, something for everyone really. So much fun to have Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto come over to your table and mug for pictures. You could have rolled us out of there we were so full.


    Stand by Entrance to World Showcase - Epcot - 2 x Snacks
    2 x Mango Non-Fat Yogurt Smoothies $7.18
    Total = $7.46

    Nice sized smoothie for 'breakfast' as we were still pretty porked from the night before.

    Tangierine Café - Epcot - 2 x CS
    2 x Shawarma Chicken and Lamb Platter - Served with side of hummus, Tabouleh and a Tangierine Couscous salad with fresh Morrocan bread. - $27.90
    2 x Large drinks $5.18
    2 x Baklava $5.00
    Total = $40.55

    Not what I would normally eat, but wow, it was good. The lamb and chicken is like what you would get in a falafel. Ground up and mixed with ... something. No idea what that is, but it was very good. The baklava was excellent. Again, more food than any one person should eat, but what the heck, we were on vacation!

    Teppan Edo - Epcot - 2 x TS
    2 x Nihonbashi - Sirloin steak and chicken breast with seasonal vegetables, Udon noodles, and steamed rice. - $28.00
    2 x Large Iced Tea - $5.00
    1 x Chocolate Ginger Cake - $5.50
    1 x Green Tea Pudding - $5.50
    Total = $76.68

    Another great time. The chef cooks everything in front of you and does all sorts of tricks with the food and utensils. He did a steam train with a stack of onions that just killed us. Food was excellent and the desserts were very good.


    Starring Rolls Cafe - Hollywood Studios - 2 x Snacks
    2 x Banana Cream Cakes - $7.58
    Total = $8.07

    Another nice 'breakfast' alternative. Very good.

    Everything Pop Century and Dining - Pop Century - 2 x CS
    2 x Parmesan Crusted Chicken - comes with salad and breadsticks - $15.98
    2 x Large drinks $5.18
    2 x Carrot Cake $7.18
    Total = $30.18

    No much appealed to us at Hollywood, so we ate at Pop when we were changing for the evening. Chicken was very nice and the salad was fresh. Yes we do like Carrot Cake. :)

    Maya Grill - Coronado Springs - 2 x TS
    2 x Shoulder Beef Tender - Served in a Cabernet and Balsamic reduction, includes choice of potato or yucca & mixed veggies. - $30.00
    2 x Large Drinks - $5.90
    2 x Desserts - 15.98
    Total = 87.20

    One of the best pieces of meat we had on our vacation. I had parmesan potatoes with mine, but the wife had yucca and to my surprise it was excellent, I should have got it was well, but who knew? Desserts were all new and I can't remember exactly what they were. Mine was some kind of hard caramel cup with tropical fruit sorbet in it, and a sponge cake soaked in some kind of milk chocolate sauce. The wife had something with fried plantains, coconut ice cream, and chocolate pipes. So good!


    Flame Tree BBQ - Animal Kingdom - 2 x CS
    2 x Smoked 1/2 Chicken - Served with baked beans and a corn muffin. - $18.98
    2 x Lemonade - $5.98
    2 x Key Lime Pie - $7.18
    Total = $34.22

    The chicken was excellent, and the pie was pretty good as well. Nice place to eat as there are lots of quiet places to sit.

    Boma: Tastes of Africa - Animal Kingdom Lodge - 2 x TS
    2 x Adult - $51.98
    2 x Iced Tea - $5.18
    Total = $60.87

    Well. Every time we ate we were like it can't get any better than this. Boma was better. Some of the best food I have ever had, and I've ate a lot of food. You have to be a little adventurous, as some of the stuff, especially the sides, sounds very odd, but trust me ... it's all worth trying. Desserts were pretty standard (not a bad thing at Disney) apart from a couple cake, but very good. The chocolate bomb things were delicious.


    Pepper Market - Coronado Springs - 2 x CS
    2 x Fajita Platter - Choice of chicken or beef Fajita platter from the Mexican Kitchen. Served with Rice and Beans - $25.90
    2 x Fruit Smoothies - $7.90
    2 x Strawberry Shortcakes - $9.50
    Total = $46.11

    Really good mexican food. Fajitas were excellent and the rice and beans were top notch. Lots of choices here if you don't like tex-mex though.

    Chefs de France - Epcot - 2 x TS
    2 x Soupe a l'oignon gratinee - The classic onion soup topped with Gruyere cheese. - $11.90
    1 x Demi poulet fermier a la broche pommes puree au basilic et tomate braisee - Half of an all natural rotisserie chicken, basil-flavored mashed potatoes and braised tomato. - $24.95
    1 x Plat de cote de boeuf au cabernet et polenta de Savoie - Beef short ribs braised in Cabernet wine on a bed of polenta. - $26.95
    2 x Assiette de Sorbets du jour et son palmier - Daily assortment of fresh sorbets served with an elephant ear. - $14.50
    Total = $83.38

    This was easily the worst place we ate at. The food was bland and cold. The chicken was basically just a half chicken with some gravy. The short ribs were poorly cooked and served with noodles with nothing but some parsley on them. The service was awful. Every other place we ate at the service was amazing, and I tipped over 20% because of it. At Chefs de France the waiter was snarky and disappeared for 20 minutes at a time. I read a few bad reviews of this place on here, but we couldn't get Le Cellier, and I thought, oh well, it's Disney how bad can it really be. It's bad all right. Avoid at all cost.


    Crystal Palace - Magic Kingdom - 2 TS
    2 x Adult - 37.98
    Total = $40.44

    We had the extra TS meals from Sunday to we thought we would do another character meal. Great breakfast, pretty much anything you could think of. Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet some to your table for pics. Very fun and a must do if you love Pooh as much as we do!

    Goofy's Candy Company - 8 x Snacks
    4 x 3 handmade Pretzel + Candy Rods - $14
    2 x Fudge - $7
    2 x Handmade Mickey Rice Krispy + Candy - $7
    Total = 29.32

    We had 8 snack credits left so we hit Goofy's and brought most of it back for friends and family. Well half of it anyway. :rolleyes1

    The Rose and Crown - Epcot - 2 x TS
    1 x Steak and Fish - Grilled steak with Black and Tan demi-glace, Harry Ramsden's battered fresh Cod, green beans and mashed potatoes. - $24.99
    1 x Roasted Pork Loin - Mustard-crusted pork loin with mushrooms, barley, watercress, and mustard butter. - $20.99
    2 x Iced Tea - $5.18
    1 x Baileys Irish Coffee Trifle - $5.99
    1 x Sticky Toffee Pudding - $4.99
    Total = $66.17

    Wow what a surprise here. I wasn't expecting much. I'm english and I know we aren't known for fine food, but it was amazing. All cooked perfectly and excellent service. The fish, steak, and pork were perfect. The Irish Coffee Trifle was drool worthy. Restored our faith in Disney dining after Le Chefs de Dogfood.

    Wolfgang Puck Express - Downtown Disney - 2 x CS
    1 x Macadamia Nut Crusted Breast of Chicken - Papaya marmalade and garlic mashed potatoes with sho yu cream sauce. - $15.95
    1 x Asian BBQ Ribs - Served with crisp Asian slaw and spicy honey mustard sauce. - $14.95
    2 x Iced Tea - $5.90
    2 x Carrot Cake - $7.90
    Total = $50.80

    Our reservation at Rose and Crown was at 5 PM because we were going out clubbing and wanted to eat at WGP before we started. Always good to have a full stomach before drinking! We went in around 10:45 PM and the place was pretty much empty. So many posts said to eat here, and it lived up to the hype. The chicken was perfect, and the asian BBQ, though having some what odd flavours was very good.

    So there is my review. The way I figure it, the DDP is an excellent value.

    Cost of the food we ate = $805.07
    Cost of DDP = $588

    So we saved over $200. You could maximize the plan a lot better if you wanted to. You could eat at the most expensive CS and TS restaurants and order the most expensive stuff every time. We really didn't set out to max out what you could get on the plan. We just wanted to have fun and eat at a different place every time without worrying about cost. We did that and saved a few bucks, so we recommend the plan.
  2. Dreamfinder2

    Dreamfinder2 DIS Veteran

    Aug 4, 2000
    Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    Reviews are intriguing ... for all the slams against the Maya Grill, here we have a positive review. How about that? That's really encouraging.

    We're huge Boma fans, too. And - in a dozen or so visits, have never had a bad experience at Chefs. Go figure! :laughing:
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  4. Retrievil

    Retrievil Earning My Ears

    May 3, 2009
    Maybe they have changed some stuff at Maya, none of the desserts we had were on the menus posted here. They also had a few other entrees I didn't see here as well. The service was also top notch. Our waiter was very friendly and funny. Just watch out for the flatbread stuff they bring with the bread. Tastes great. You eat a few pieces then the heat sneaks up and you realize your mouth is on fire! Hot stuff lol.

    Maybe Chefs was bad because we were the last reservation of the night. 9:50 PM and they close at 10 PM. Still, no excuse imo.
  5. catne

    catne DIS Veteran

    Mar 1, 2008
    excellent reviews, thanks for taking the time to write. I keep track of our costs/savings, too and it works out well for us every time. We don't maximize our value on purpose but we tend to have expensive tastes naturally.;)

    ...wish you could have taken pictures (too bad you couldn't convince your wife to "take one for the team":lmao:) But very glad to hear about a couple of Rose & Crown choices -- they're going on my notes for our trip cuz we'll be there 2 weeks from Saturday! And the Wolfgang Puck - trying that for first time too. We loved that schwarma platter at Tangierine too & the Flametree dishes, yum. You made me hungry again!

    I have DH trained to not touch the food until I snap the pics...he even arranges plates/beer/sides for tasteful photos now. Don't know what it'll be like with trying to get food pics when DD & her BFF are along in a couple of weeks, though...they're 19 & 20 and both hams/drama queens so could have some interesting pictures. Last year DD used her straw as a paintbrush & wrote "classy" on her plate with the sauce on her dessert at CRT. So we'll see.
  6. geishagirl81

    geishagirl81 Mouseketeer

    Feb 5, 2009
    oh no. yours is the 3rd bad review of chefs de france i have read....i really wanted to go there too! i think i will have to do some adr switching.
  7. Dreamfinder2

    Dreamfinder2 DIS Veteran

    Aug 4, 2000
    Don't fret. You may have a stellar experience. Or not. Who knows? Only your mouth knows for sure.

    Check out these reviews. As you can see, they're all over the map:
  8. ChasPowl

    ChasPowl Mouseketeer

    Jan 15, 2005
    Thanks for the reviews, Chefs de France and Rose and Crown are on our list of ADR's we are shooting for in August, I'm hoping for the best with Chefs de France. It looked so good when we passed during our last visit.

    I'm curious to see if I can keep track of the savings from our free dining.
  9. beroh2253

    beroh2253 Love Dixie Landings(POR)

    Mar 24, 2007
    First of all that was a great review.

    As for Chefs remember not all servers are the same, last Sept. we had a great server, she explained what everything was and came back to the table many times, and this was during free dining. And we were there 2 years before that and the server she was really good also. Just hope for a female server.
    I had the Noix de Saint Jacques et gambas sautees Flan d'epinards, sauce a l'oseille - Sauteed scallops and black tiger shirmp served with lemon butter, vegetable and fresh herb sauce, black pearl rice thought it was great
    And DW had Filet de boeuf grille, sauce au poivre noir Gratin Dauphinois et haricots verts - Grilled tenderloin of beef with a black pepper sauce original potato gratin of Savoy and green beans and really liked it.

    If I were you I would give the place a try at least once and when we go to WDW again on the DDP for a week I would put Chefs in my top 7 places to go. Unless you can switch to Le Cellier, Coral Reef ,Teppen Edo or Rose and Crown around Illumination time I would keep the ADR.
  10. luckytobeme88

    luckytobeme88 DIS Veteran

    Jul 26, 2007
    It sounds like you had a great time. Just out of curiosity, where did you go clubbing in DTD? didn't all the clubs in Pleasure Island close months ago?
  11. pstepka

    pstepka DIS Veteran

    May 22, 2000
    Thanks SO much for taking the time to write all this out! This is exactly what I'm looking for as I'm trying to decide if the dining plan would benefit us or not. Seeing all the costs written out was very helpful.
  12. Smiling Cheshire Cat

    Smiling Cheshire Cat DIS Veteran

    Feb 16, 2009
    Now you've gone and made me hungry.
    Thanks for sharing your dining experiences. You went to some of the places that are on our "to do" list. I'm really excited about CM but I hope Chefs de France gets better before our next trip.
  13. AmberHeartsDisney

    AmberHeartsDisney DIS Veteran

    Apr 21, 2009
    I LOVE carrot cake too yum yum yum great review thanks
  14. Retrievil

    Retrievil Earning My Ears

    May 3, 2009
    Jellyrolls and Atlantic Dance, not really DTD but close enough for us to hop over to boardwalk after we ate.

    Both places were pretty dead actually but that was ok, we had each other. :hug:

    Who knows about Chefs de france, some have a great meal, some have a bad one. If I was booking it for the first time I would think twice. There are so many other TS places that get nearly perfect reviews from everyone. Why chance it?

    I posted nearly my whole vacation on youtube in regular and hd, there are quite a few shots of the restaurants in there is you can wade through the whole 4 hours. :)

    I can't post links yet but just search for 'RetrievilHD'
  15. slriver

    slriver Mouseketeer

    Mar 26, 2006
    This is a great review. Thanks for taking the time to post. We are doing the Quick service plan in June. I hope to keep track of the prices and post when we return.

    Thanks, Tracy
  16. Sawhiskey

    Sawhiskey Mouseketeer

    Apr 12, 2009
    Thanks for sharing that great review. I plan on going to a few of the resturants you chose too. Sounds like I am gonna enjoy my meals.. Thanks for sharing..
  17. KatMark

    KatMark DIS Veteran

    Aug 5, 2007
    Thanks for the reviews...very nicely done. It was good to see a "Good" review of Pepper Market and Maya Grill for a change.
  18. dd50

    dd50 DIS Veteran

    May 21, 2009
    Geat reviews. Thanks for taking the time to do them.
  19. Dizneydaz

    Dizneydaz DIS Veteran

    Jul 12, 2005
    Great review-very concise but still a lot of info. You and your wife must be perfect for each other. Most of the time you two got the same thing-very interesting!:rotfl2:

    This is one that we really like. My DM and I usually share it though. Once the 2 of us even shared it with my DD (then 7ish) . Just wish they had better desserts-I really get to hate the pre-packaged ones. Esp. when you can get such good ones at Sunshines Season and WP Express. :goodvibes

    This is another one we share-like you said, plenty of food!

    Which dessert did you like better? We're planning on dining at Tokyo Dining and they offer the same ones.

    We tried PM a few years back for breakfast and didn't care for it but we do love fajitas and might just have to add it to our list of CS lunch possibilities.

    So sorry to hear this. I've wanted to try it but the review are so mixed on it. Plus I just learned that Remy will be gone while we are there. Maybe I'll try to get R&C or ???

    We have ADRs for the morning of DD's 10th birthday. Hoping I can get her up early enough so we can enter MK before the crowds. I would love to get a picture of her in front of the castle with no one else. Glad to hear you liked it.

    I've wanted to try this one for years-think I switch out CdF for this.

    We ate here twice last year it was so good-and such a bargain for a CS. I've also made an ADR for WPC.

    Thanks again for the reviews! :goodvibes

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