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    Jul 6, 2001
    We will be moving from the BW to CBR, and i am wondering how comfortable everyone is with the transport of luggage by Disney to the new resort. I know this is a great convenience, but something about leaving my luggage always bothers me. I barely ever check it anywhere I go. Do a lot of people have Disney move their luggage. Have you had success with it? Also what is the best transportation (without a car) to go from BW to CBR? With and without luggage!
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    Aug 17, 2000
    I did it once, and they lost my luggage. They truly had NO IDEA where it might be. If I hadn't complained that it hadn't arrived yet, I could have come back to my room at 2:00am and not had luggage! It was finally located and delivered at almost 7:00pm.

    The GF where I had been staying had stored it rather than transferring it to the BW. When the BW called the GF, they said it had been delivered. Then they were thinking thye had maybe delivered it to the wrong resort, but didn't know which one it might have been!

    When they did finally find it, they wanted US to come back to the GF to retreive it.

    The BW told them NO WAY and made the GF bring it to us at the BW.

    I'll never go through that again.


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