Movie Cameras and Rides?


Nov 2, 1999
Other than the two coasters and BTTF are there any other rides where you are not allowed to take a home movie camera in it's case on. I don't want to film the rides, I just don't want to leave my camera in a locker.


I'm just a Little Boy trapped in an Old Man's body.
Hey Dad,

We have one of the compact video cameras and my husband carried it in a large fanny pack. He never took it off and there were no problems. He was even able to get some pretty good videos on some of the rides by unzipping the fanny pack enough for the lens to peek out. The audio is actually better than the video, you can hear everyone screaming. Him and another guy on our boat got a little brave about taping on JPRA, and they must have seen it on secrurity cameras because just as we entered the complex, a stern voice from above said "Put the cameras away". Everone on our boat laughed.

Have fun!

Donna R.
Hi Dad,

we locked ours up on the water rides. Unless yours is as tiny as Donna's you may not want to take the chance. The lockers are right there and free for I think an hour? It was worth it to not lug it on these rides for us. We did take it on JPRA and it was no problem.



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