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Aug 23, 1999
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What rides specifically that are prohibited to pregnant women? For example, is Space Earth at Epcot suitable?
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Spaceship Earth is not a problem. It is a slow ride that takes you past scenes involving the history of communication. The only part I have heard anyone having a problem with is at the middle of the ride, your car turns backwards (slowly) and you go backwards (slowly) down a steep incline. People with back or neck problems have said that part of the ride is painful for them because the ride has a high back, but doesn't have a supportive headrest.

According to the park map, the only rides with warnings at Epcot are:
Body Wars and Test Track

At MK, rides with warnings are:
Splash Mountain, BTMRR, Tomorrowland Speedway, Space Mountain

At AK, rides with warnings are:
Kilimanjari Safari, Kali River Rapids and Dinosaur

At the Studio:
Star Tours, Tower of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster.

These are the only ones coded on the park maps as not recommended for pregnant women, people with neck / back problems, heart problems or motion sickness..

SueM in MN
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