Mousesavers Notice??


DIS Veteran
Nov 3, 2001
Did anyone get the notice about the First 100 years of Disney book? I can't seem to locate where you buy it. Any help?
The only problem with the ChangeNotes service is that it automatically checks for updates on the web site you are watching at a certain point during the day (I think it's in the afternoon), but it doesn't mail the notices out until later (I think it's early in the morning the next day). By then, certain very limited / one-day offers are already gone.

That's what happened in this case. I noticed there were 10 copies of this great book available at a huge discount. I listed it on the home page, and they were all gone within probably 2 hours at most. Unfortunately, ChangeNotes happened to check for updates while the offer was still on my site, but by the time it sent the notices, those books were long gone.

If you really want to catch these quickie offers (and there were probably 3 or 4 of them this week, including a Mickey cookie baker at 43% off), you just have to check periodically. It's a matter of luck and timing, I'm afraid!

Those kind of limited-time or limited-quantity offers will always be in the yellow box on the home page of



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