Mousesavers Newsletter-Nick Family Suites


Oct 5, 2003
I am looking to book Nick Family Suites for one night in October. My nephews are arriving one day in Floriday before me and they have been watching all about Nick Family Suites on TV, and I promised them I would pay for the night.

I was looking for discounts, and on mousesavers, she says sometimes they offer discounts in their newsletter. Does anyone have the newsletter from last month, Does it have any discounts?? IF so could someone PM it to me. PLEASE PLEASE!!! I signed up for the newsletter but it doesnt come out again to mid June again.
I just checked the newsletter, and there are no discounts for this month. I don't remember seeing any discounts in the past few months for this hotel. I'm thinking maybe now that they changed to Nick, there aren't going to be as many Mousesavers discounts??
When I was checking AAA rates for Disney resorts in October I remember seeing this hotel come up for $166. Not cheap but probably a decent deal for this place right now...I found it on AAAs website
Thanks everyone. I ended up booking at the mousesavers rate. My nephews really want to go to this hotel. Even though it is expensive, it has put smiles on their faces.
One replied... They could stay at this hotel forever and be happy. Too Funny


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