More jamieandben inspirations: You know you're from Seattle when....

Discussion in 'Gay and Lesbian at Disney' started by SeattleRedBear, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. SeattleRedBear

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    Jul 9, 2004
    I figured it was time to add the northwest corner of the country. enjoy.
    You have a very strong opinion about where your coffee beans are grown, and you can taste the difference between Sumatran and Ethiopian

    You feel guilty throwing an aluminum can in the trash.

    You use the words "sun break" and know exactly what it means.

    You know more than 10 words to describe a cup of coffee.

    You know what a dry cappuccino is.

    You obey all traffic laws EXCEPT "keep right except to pass."

    You know at least eight people who work for either Microsoft or Boeing.

    You invite twice as many people as you really want to a party since only half will actually show up.

    You know what Lutefiske is.

    You personally know someone from Alaska.

    You consider floating bridges a pain in the butt, not an engineering marvel.

    You know how to pronounce "Sequim", "Puyallup" and "Issaquah."

    You have roots in Oregon, Idaho or Montana, but wanted a high paying job.

    You've tried to get a job in Alaska, especially a summer job only.

    You think skiing always means being covered from head to toe, on snow or water.

    You know at least three Microsoft burnouts, of which two are millionaires.

    You use more than 5 words to order a cup of coffee. "I want to order an unleaded, double, short, skinny, wet cappuccino with a shot of Amaretto please."

    A "designer" wardrobe comes from REI, Eddie Bauer, Lands End, and Birkenstock.

    You consider it a sunny day if the sun is visible at some point of the day.

    You've been "snow" skiing in the RAIN more than in the snow.

    When you're discussing rainforests and volcanoes, you're NOT talking about Hawaii.

    You Remember the Kingdome

    You have tried to forget about WTO

    You know how BLUE the skies are here compared to Eastern Washington

    The guy at 8:30 am at Starbucks wearing the baseball cap and sunglasses who looks like Phyllis Diller is really a trans named Eva Destruction that used to play with Hole.

    Your car insurance costs more because your neighbors don't have any!

    Your mayor is straight, 1/2 your friends are gay, the man who delivers your mail has a bumper sticker that reads "when they pry it from my cold dead fingers....", and your Burger World drive thru order taker was a computer millionaire last week.

    You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Seattle.
  2. OrlandoMike

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    Oct 11, 2005
    You know the meaning of OBT, and don't drive down it after sunset.

    You know how to get anywhere off of Highway 50.

    You have to be over 40 years old to know what snow feels like, and have seen it in another state.

    You were born somewhere else, and have come to retire.

    You know the true names of highway 50.

    You know where Christmas, Bonnieville and Geneva are. An know what they have in common.

    You are more then officially sick of Disney.

    You've forgotten what bars on Orange Ave you've chewed and screwed at.

    You know where Church Street and Wall street are. An know what time happy hour is.

    You know who Jim Philips and Moyra are. An listen to them every afternoon. And remember when Larry the Cable guy did his commentary's. You now love to see him on TV.

    You know where six major motels are, around your house.

    You know who Don Reed, Bob Dance and David Moss are.

    You know what the term "You paid too much" means.

    You know what Fashion Square, Altamonte Springs, Florida, Oviedo, Seminole Towne , and Millennium have in common. And which places have the better bargains.

    You know where Mickey, Donald and Goofy all live.

    You know where to find 4 different Ci-Ci's pizza's.

    You still can't understand why it's called the Sunshine state.

    It rains during the rainy season at 3pm everyday all day long.

    You always have a umbrella handy.

    When you hear the weather man say "Partly Cloudy" you bring a raincoat/umbrella and a change of clothes to work.

    You do Christmas shopping at the outlet malls.

    You have more flip flops in your closet then anything else.

    You have seen lightning strike someone.

    There are only two weather conditons: "hot or raining"

    There is a gator in your swimming pool, and you know who to call.

    Only you are aloud to call it "O-town", and anyone else who does will get smacked.

    Anyone who visits makes you take them to "Disney", and wants to sleep on your couch!

    You know you can't get lost in downtown, no matter what detour is in effect!

    You know when you end up at the Parliment House for last call, and Crystal Burgers on the way home, the only cure for that hang over is the Waffle House!
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  4. Caropooh

    Caropooh POO, are you? POO POO, POO POO!

    Jan 3, 2005
    You know what it means when someone says "the mountain is out"

    You "do the Puyallup"
  5. T&KHayes

    T&KHayes Mouseketeer

    Oct 16, 2005
    SeattleRedBear love love love that! I haven't seen it before, but it sure brightened my morning and made me laugh. How true it is. Funny thing is, my DP worked at Boeing for years till the lay off after 911 and I worked at Starbucks!! lol
  6. SeattleRedBear

    SeattleRedBear Mouseketeer<br><font color=red>An old floorboard c

    Jul 9, 2004
    See...we ALL know someone who works for Boeing, Microsoft or Starbucks! (Although I don't know anyone who's worked for all three, but I'm sure they're out there).

    Mountain's not out right now :sad: but there's a :sunny: break right now! I don't have a strong opinion about where my coffee beans are grown but I do want to know how they've been roasted! And Yes, I have used more than five words to order my coffee (my favorite coffee order is for a "skinny tall blonde" but I think they taste horrible :teeth:
  7. Mousemom

    Mousemom DIS Veteran

    Apr 20, 2005
    You got to be from Washington to appreciate this! Our last trip to WDW I wanted a white chocolate mocha (Seattle Blend, Guiradelli powdered white chocolate only please), could not find a coffee stand anywhere. When I asked where the closest Starbucks was you would have thought I was asking for the impossible.
  8. Caropooh

    Caropooh POO, are you? POO POO, POO POO!

    Jan 3, 2005
    I worked for Boeing also till the layoffs from 9/11. My DH works for REI.
  9. mickeymousemom

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    Apr 2, 2005
    Okay..when I saw the subject heading, I KNEW there had to be something in there about COFFEE...
    so what exactly IS the difference between a wet and dry cappuccino???

    ...and please let us in on what some of those other terms mean?? :confused3
  10. SeattleRedBear

    SeattleRedBear Mouseketeer<br><font color=red>An old floorboard c

    Jul 9, 2004
    a dry cappuccino is only foam with the espresso, a wet cappuccino includes some milk with the foam (compared to a latte which is mostly steamed milk which might incidentally have a small amount of foam).

    Lutefisk is is a traditional food of the Nordic countries made from stockfish (air-dried whitefish) and lye. :crazy2: Wikipedia has a rather thorough discussion including the following information about the dishes' preparation:

    Lutefisk is made from air-dried whitefish (normally cod), prepared with lye, in a sequence of particular treatments. The first treatment is to soak the stockfish in cold water for five to six days (changed daily). The saturated stockfish is then soaked in an unchanged solution of cold water and lye for an additional two days. The fish will swell during this soaking, regaining a size even bigger than the original (undried) fish, but the protein content paradoxically decreases by more than 50 percent, causing its famous jelly-like consistency. When this treatment is finished, the fish (saturated with lye) has a pH value of 11–12, and is therefore corrosive. To make the fish edible, :rotfl2: a final treatment of yet another four to six days (and nights) of soaking in cold water (also changed daily) is needed. Eventually, the lutefisk is ready to be cooked. After the preparation, the lutefisk is saturated with water and must therefore be cooked carefully so it does not fall into pieces. It does not need any additional water for the cooking; it is enough to place it in a pan, salt it, seal the lid tightly, and let it steam cook under a very low heat for 20–25 minutes. It is also possible to do this in the oven. The fish is then put in an ovenproof dish, covered with aluminium foil, and baked at 225 °C (435 °F) for 40–50 minutes. When cooking and eating lutefisk, it is important to clean the lutefisk off of pans, plates, and utensils right away. Lutefisk left overnight becomes nearly impossible to remove.

    Sequim, Puyallup and Issaquah are local towns pronounced "skwim" "pew-al-up" and "is-suh-kwah"

    Kingdome: a covered sports stadium built in 1976. It had the dubious distinction of being the first domed stadium in the United States to ever be demolished (by was a historic moment in the city).

    WTO: World Trade Organization. On November 30, 1999, the WTO convened in Seattle for a ministerial conference that was to launch a new round of global trade talks. The talks were quickly overshadowed by massive street protests outside the hotels and convention center. The scale of the demonstrations—even the lowest estimates put the crowd at over 40,000—dwarfed any previous demonstration in the United States against a world meeting associated with economic globalization. The police were totally overwhelmed by the mass of protesters downtown, including many who had chained themselves together and were blocking intersections. Meanwhile, the late-morning labor-organized rally and march drew tens of thousands; though the intended march route had them turning back before they reached the convention center, most ignored the marshals and joined what had become a street-carnival-like scene downtown. Seattle mayor Paul Schell imposed a curfew and a 50-block "No-Protest Zone" of questionable legality and constitutionality. Businesses lost approximately $9 to $18 million in sales, and suffered at least $3 million dollars in property damage. There were further losses in tourism due to damaged reputation, and/or public apprehension about living in or visiting Seattle. Husbear works two blocks from the convention center and was accosted by police as he was trying to leave the No-Protest Zone. Controversy over the police response to the protests resulted in the resignation of Seattle police chief Norm Stamper, and arguably played a role in Schell's loss in the 2001 mayoral primary election.

    Was there anything else needing explanation??
  11. one_cat

    one_cat Jack, you have debauched my sloth.

    Apr 7, 2000
    This post brought back memories of growing up in Seattle. I remember sunbreaks and the kingdome ceiling was falling down when we left. Sometimes I feel I would trade the snow for rain.
  12. bradyjensen

    bradyjensen Earning My Ears

    Apr 11, 2006
    Northwest Natives have hundreds of words for rain. We also know the difference between "partly sunny" and "partly cloudy".

    You'll see this is my third post in the DIS Boards--and my first two were tests! I thought this thread was a great way to introduce myself. We're on the other side of the Lake from jamieandben -- the Eastside. I know way too many people from Microsoft as we live about three miles from campus. Oh, and my partner works there, and has for all but four months of the almost nine years we've been together.

    I'm from Oregon, and yes, moved to Seattle 16 years ago for a better job. This makes me a SNOB - Society of Native Oregon Born. But I also went to college in Washington (Whitman), and I have a great-grandfather who was born in Washington before statehood!

    I'm the Disney fanatic in our family. We went to Paris for eight days in 2002, and rather than Versailles, I insisted on DLRP (pre Studios). We made our first trip to WDW last Thanksgiving when we took my family -- 11 people in all. You wait for something for literally years, and I was afraid it couldn't live up to my expectations.

    Why did I worry? It was incredible. We used a PhotoPass picture as our Christmas card -- if you've not seen the Osborne lights, they're alone a reason to go during the holidays.

    I could go on, but won't. I'll close with this: when we got home, I bought into Disney Vacation Club and started planning our next trip -- December this year. If I can wait that long!
  13. SeattleRedBear

    SeattleRedBear Mouseketeer<br><font color=red>An old floorboard c

    Jul 9, 2004
    Hey Brady -- Welcome to the forum! Good to see another native northwesterner (I'm still looking for one of those "Northwest Native" bumper stickers...haven't seen them for a few years).
    Actually, jamieandben live in south carolina (WAY on the other side of the lake). I was the one who posted the seattle list.
    Husbear is a SNOB as well. Born & raised in Portland and if it weren't for jobs and music we would be there in a hearbeat. Seattle is the prettier setting, but Portland is just so much more together in terms of urban planning and lifestyle. And still more affordable too.
    Well of course you did! We did the same thing. Why does anyone even need to explain this?? :teeth: We need to get back there soon as our last time at DLP was also pre-Studios.
    Wow, that was quick. Unfortunately we have to pay off our other vacation ownership first before we can consider DVC. I'm interested but Husbear is a DL loyalist and I haven't been able to convince him yet that we want to go to WDW more than once every five years. However, the Slushgusher might make him change his mind....
  14. DaddyBrady

    DaddyBrady Mouseketeer

    May 18, 2006
    I'm back--new user name, same avatar.

    Some more. Some may duplicate the original list, but what's scary is: not many.

    1. You know the state flower (Mildew).

    2. You feel guilty throwing aluminum cans or paper in the trash.

    3. Use the statement "sun break" and know what it means.

    4. You know more than 10 ways to order coffee.

    5 You know more people who own boats than air conditioners.

    6. You feel overdressed wearing a suit to a nice restaurant.

    7. You stand on a deserted corner in the rain waiting for the "WALK" signal.

    8. You consider that if it has no snow or has not recently erupted, it's not a real mountain.

    9. You can taste the difference between Starbucks, Seattle's Best, and Veneto's.

    10. You know the difference between Chinook, Coho and Sockeye salmon.

    11. You know how to pronounce Sequim, Puyallup, Issaquah, Oregon, Yakima and Willamette.

    12. You consider swimming an indoor sport.

    13. You can tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese and Thai food.

    14. In winter, you go to work in the dark and come home in the dark while only working eight-hour days.

    15. You never go camping without waterproof matches and a poncho.

    16. You are not fazed by "Today's forecast: showers followed by rain,"and "Tomorrow's forecast: rain followed by showers."

    17 You have no concept of humidity without precipitation.

    18. You know that Boring is a town in Oregon and not just a state of mind.

    19. You can point to at least two volcanoes, even if you cannot see through the cloud cover.

    20. You notice, "The mountain is out" when it is a pretty day and you can actually see it.

    21. You put on your shorts when the temperature gets above 50, but still wear your hiking boots and parka.

    22. You switch to your sandals when it gets about 60, but keep the socks on.

    23. You have actually used your mountain bike on a mountain.

    24. You think people who use umbrellas are either wimps or tourists.

    25. You buy new sunglasses every year, because you cannot find the old ones after such a long time.

    26. You measure distance in hours.

    27. You often switch from "heat" to "a/c" in the same day.

    28. You design your kid's Halloween costume to fit under a raincoat.

    29. You know all the important seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Raining (Spring), Road Construction (Summer), Deer & Elk season (Fall).

    30. You actually understood these jokes and will probably forward them.
  15. SeattleRedBear

    SeattleRedBear Mouseketeer<br><font color=red>An old floorboard c

    Jul 9, 2004
    Thanks for the laugh. There were some good ones on this list too. Who doesn't know the difference between Chinese, Japanese & Thai food??!

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