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    hey, here is a review of the club scrap retreat that just happened. it sounds awesome! maggie

    Just finished the Houston Rolling Retreat - and had a blast - as did my newbie (to scrapping) friend!

    Friday began with Registration where we drew a name and were instructed to make a name tag for that person, then find them. At the same time there were 3 Make 'n Takes going on. One involved Fun Foam, stamps, and heat to create an embossed page accent. The second made a small slip-cover book (Mosaic Twist). At the third we made a greeting card with unmounted stamps (and got to keep the UM's & small HALOS block). After dinner (where we all got goodie bags) there was open crop/visit time.

    Saturday we started with Assembly Line Scrapbooking. We were all given the LMCTW Jr kit, plus a some fibers, 4 additional photo mattes, 2 tags and 2 sheets that had been printed with enlarged versions of the B&B. Then we were led through the creation of 8 pages - and still had 1 full 12x12 and a partial left over - all in 2 hours. Our group then moved on to the Pendant Album class, where we beaded a necklace and then made a small (1.5" x 1")accordian fold album to put inside a frame pendant. Our last class of the day was the Mosaic Tile Frame made with the Extra! Extra! frame, small paper rectangles and embossing powder. Saturday dinner included a wonderful CS logo gift - one that is NOT available in GHM :) Then more cropping/visiting. One difference I noticed - on Friday night there were a variety of papers from different companies being used, but Saturday night almost everyone was either working on the layouts from the first class, or projects purchased in the Pro Shop.

    On Sunday Make 'n Takes began at 8:30 am - featuring the same three from Friday (not everyone had been able to do them then) plus an additional one - Dinah was making a card using vellum and the Asian Artisan stencil. Our group then began the final class with Karen - the Chain Stitched Book - made with Paisley paper! At lunch we got one more gift - Design Classics of Paisley print on Road Trip Yellow and Painted Desert Orange.

    Final note - This was an incredible value for the money, not even counting the wonderful teaching and friendships started. Future Rolling Retreaters - the possibility exists that changes may be made to classes & Make 'n Takes if they find something more interesting/new/cool to do! And, of course, the paper for the Assembly Line class will change.
    Would I go again - ABSOLUTELY!

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