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Earning My Ears
May 1, 2001
Hi! I've been "lurking" on these boards for a month or so and finally decided to show myself! Thank you all for your help. I would like to start renting Disney movies for my 3 DDs to get us all in the Disney mood. I did rent Swiss Family Robinson- which we all loved and had never seen before. Any other ones?

Judi in NH
If you can find them, rent any of the Sing Along Songs. We have purchased a lot of them. My kids (3 and 1) especially like the ones with live people in them (Beach Party at Walt Disney World, Campout at Disney, Happy Haunting (for Halloween), Disneyland, 101 Dalmations). They are filmed at WDW or Disneyland and have lots of characters in them. The songs aren't all Disney, although some are. They are great fun. I know these have helped educate my kids about Disney and what goes on there. Not a week goes by that we don't watch them over and over. And they are only 30 minutes long. Several of them I had to buy online because they are no longer in stores. They were worth every penny (about $9-$12).
Movies that have associated rides or shows (off the top of my head):

Peter Pan
Honey I Shrunk the Kids (and sequels)
Alice in Wonderland
Winnie the Pooh movies
Lion King
Beauty and Beast
Bug's Life
Muppet movies
Snow White
Little Mermaid

There are others, but those are the only ones I can think of without getting out the park maps. Star Wars and the movies on the Great Movie Ride are referenced at MGM, but you can easily enjoy the rides without knowing the movies.

The first 2 on the list are the ones that I consider most critical for understanding rides. The Peter Pan ride is very close to the movie, and HIStK is pretty good to know for the 3D movie and playground.


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