Money saving tip, get free disney dollars for booking hotel !

SteamBoat Willie

Earning My Ears
Feb 24, 2001
Has anyone here used something that I ran across on the web recently. Their name is "Disney
Resort Discounts". I won't post their web site here unless I get a positive response. I do not
want to
recommend something that I should not have. Anyway.......

I can't recall how I found them, but was interested in finding out if anyone has used them in
the past and what the experience was ?

Their web site indicates that they can book you at the Disney Hotels for the BEST prices
(actually they state the Disney Quoted prices) and, here where the kicker is, will give you a
REBATE if you book through them.

So, I called a Disney Hotel (actually the Dolphin/Swan and yes I know they are not technically
Disney Hotels) to get the Disney rate from them. Then, with that rate in hand (which was btw
was $155 per night with the Entertainment Card discount)in hand, I called these Disney
Resort Discounts to see what they could do. I asked these Discount folks to try to book me
at the Dolphin and told them I would be using the Ent card discount. After a few minutes the
person quoted me the same $155 per night as going directly to Dolphin/Swan.

So, then I asked about this REBATE that the web site states. The Discounter rep told me
that, since I booked through them and that they get a commission from the hotel(s), they
would send me a $50 rebate in the form of Disney Dollars (which is approx 1/2 of their commission from the hotels).

So, just wondering if anyone else heard, seen or used these folks in the past. Heck, if it is
legit, $50 Disney Dollars is $50 Disney Dollars

Feel free to e-mail me at and I will provide a phone number and contact


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