Mods ? - Closest parking to buildings


Nov 3, 2001
We may be taking a last minute trip to the World at the end of January. (DH just found out he has two weeks of vacation that he cannot carry over and will loose it if not taken. So of course he's not going to loose it!! And of course WDW is tops on the list of vacation destination spots)

Anyway we will likely be driving down and I'm wondering of the mods which has the closest parking lots to the buildings?

Thanks so much!

I think all of the moderate resorts have parking that is fairly close to the rooms. For instance, I stayed at PO-R in the Magnolia Terrace building. My room faced the parking lot and the distance only 50 feet. When you check into the hotel, you can ask for a specific building/room that is close to the parking lot

This web page has links to the resort maps - This may help locate what you're looking for.
Here is a list of buildings in each moderate that are closest to the parking lots:

CBR: Barbados bldg 16... we stayed there, and I think our number was 1613... it was a corner room, and one window looked out over a nice garden, and the other the parking lot, which was less than 50 ft away.
Barbados bldgs 11 and 13

Martinique: bldgs 21,23, 24 and 26

Trinidad North: bldgs 31 and 33

Trinidad South: (this and Barbados are the most remote from Old Port Royale, and this is the most remote from the Custom's House, where you check in)
bldgs: 36, 37 and 39

Jamaica: bldgs 41, 43, 44, and 46

Aruba: bldgs 53 and 54

In PO-FQ, the buildings closest to Parking lots are 1, 3, 4, and 7, although everything here is in pretty good proximity to everything else. There is very little walking to be done to get from point A to point B.

In PO-R, in the Bayou section, bldgs 15, 16, 17, 24, 35, 36 are the closest, and in the mansion, the parking lots are to the front, so request a parking lot view, and you will have no problem.

Having never stayed at the Coronado Springs resort, and not being able to make out any parking areas on the map other than that in front of the convention center, I am afraid I can't help you.
I stayed at CSR and the parking lots are close to the rooms, along the road circling the resort. The thing I hated about CSR is that you had to use your key to lift the gate to get into the area where the rooms are (after going through the main gate with the guard). I have short arms and it's always a pain to reach the box.
Thank you all so much for the information, it is just what I was looking for!! :)

Notoogoofey: thanks for that link, very helpful

Eeyore: thanks for the detailed location on the buildings, very helpful!

Debbie: thanks for the heads-up on CSR - I too have short arms!

Thanks again,


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