Mobile DVD rentals - worked for us!


May 4, 2002
We're actually flying to Orlando for our trip in September, but for a recent drive from Austin, TX to northeastern Oklahoma, we rented a DVD player and "Suspension" system that securely held the player where everyone in the backseat could see it.

So our DD got to watch my new Disney Special Edition DVDs (the Silly Symphony and Mickey ones) all the way there and back (okay, with a few breaks for coloring, etc.). It was the best roadtrip we've ever had with her. We could run the sound through headphones, the built-in speakers, and with a cassette adaptor from a CD player, the car stereo (we did all of these at one time or another).

The cost was really reasonable with the folks we went through--they're the ones who have developed this suspension system (worked great in our SUV, but would also work fine in something like a Camry or Dodge Caravan, I'm pretty sure). I can't remember their name, but they're at

By the way, I'm not related to them in any way; just DELIGHTED with the result.



Earning My Ears
Jun 17, 2002
We rented a portable DVD player last year at the airport -- cost w/one movie $24.00 ($20 for the player, $4 for the movie). If you brought your own movie it would even be cheaper! Unfortunately not all the airports have them. We flew through MN where we rented it, and returned it by UPS in Orlando. They give you a mailing pouch and everything, just drop it off at UPS box. It really made the plane trip go by faster!.


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