Mmmm...boars head..yummy


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Jun 11, 2000
I'm eating a boars head roast beef sandwich, and it is delicious. Do any of you folks like boars head? If they don't have it in your area, I recommend you try a boars head sub next time you go to disney world. They have it at all the publix supermarkets.:p
Their Black Forest Turkey Breast is soooooo good!!!!!!!:bounce:
We're recent converts. We love Boar's Head.....:D
It's the only brand I buy, DH loves their Mesquite Smoked Turkey Breast and Baby Swiss Cheese for sandwiches.
I love their ovengold turkey breast, the chicken is good too. I also love their cheese. My favorite is the double gloucester or something like that.
We don't have those in Mid Michigan, so far as I have been able to determine
I love BH's sharp provelone. Umm Umm good, sliced #2 that melts so fine on a sandwich.
I love Boars Head roast beast, Tastes as good as my home cook meat. :D
I love Boars Head products. I gave up lunch meats because of the lysteria risk when I was pregnant, but now I'm craving a sandwich with Salsalito turkey and Monterey Jack cheese.


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