Missing NH girl


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Oct 21, 2003
Just heard on wmur channel 9 out of Manchester, that a little girl from Derry is missing...but here's the parts that are weird..

School called police recently that child had been out of school for A YEAR....
police went to the house, mom told her daughter was with father...

Mom told friends, the father had immigration problems and was in Manitoba...

Uncle slammed the door in WMUR news persons face..

Now- Mother is missing too..... Cops dont think the girls is harmed, but gee its weird... they dont know HOW LONG she's been missing..

I tried to check wmur.com website, but it's not up there yet..I'll keep checking and see if I can find a link to the story...maybe another news site has it..

Why would the school sit on this for a year??? what a time to call the cops a year after she had been there..



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May 5, 2001
The update to this story here is that they believe the 10 y/o girl and mom are together and headed for NY. They do not believe she is in danger.

Here's the link to the front page of our local paper:



<font color=blue>Pixie and Dylan's mom<br><font co
May 5, 2001
p.s. Mudnuri - yesterday's news cast said that the school had received an anonymous tip that the girl hadn't been to the school in over a year...the school didn't realize they should have this student...this is what prompted the investigation.


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