military people that have bought hoppers-please read


Earning My Ears
Jan 28, 2001
my nephew is in the reserves. can he buy these passes for us? or would we have to show military id at the parks? do they identify you when you buy the passes like they do the florida residents?
couldnt a military person buy passes and give them as gifts to people?
My brother bought passes for us at Shades of Green. We told them that we would only be using one day and would return without him for the rest of the days and they said there would be no ID required for the use of the hoppers.i


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My father is retired military and we always get our passes through him. We have never had to show ID. We even traded up for a larger pass when we got there once and it was not a problem.

Enjoy the savings without the worry! :D
Where can I get passes with the military discount? DH is military, but will not be going with the passes have to be purchased at SoG? Please help... Thanks! Shades of Green, or at your base recreation and ticket office(ITT for the Air Force, I don't know what other branches call it). Actually, I've never checked about dependants buying tickets at Shades of Green -- DH and I are both active duty, so it never came up. You might want to check on that before you go.


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