Mile long bar??


Feb 21, 2001
I remember going to Disney as a 10 yr old and eating at a restraunt called the 'mile long bar' or something like that. Had big mirrors on each end of the counter so it looked like it went on forever. Also there were buffalo heads on the wall that were animatronic and gave a little show every so often. Is this still there? Does anyone else remember this place? I may have gotten the name wrong. I think it may have been in Frontier land.

I just have a great memory of standing on line there with my Dad and watching the show. Don't know why. This was 25 years ago, mind.

I also remember making a mad dash through the park at closing to get to the Pirates of the Caribean gift shop and buy a musket the fired little cork balls using caps. (dad didn't want to carry it around all day) :eek:


DIS Veteran
May 17, 2000
I remember when it was called the Mile Long Bar, too. I think it is now called Pecos Bill's which is a counter service. It is the exit area from Country Bear Jamboree.

Christopher T

Earning My Ears
Feb 21, 2020
I recall the Mile Long Bar very well. It was as you exited the Country Bear Jamboree (In WDW) in what is now Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe - that's the whole name - so you were jazzed by the show - when I was a kid I found Country Bear Jamboree very accomplished theatre - LOL - and then you get this TERRIFIC effect as you are heading out of that just recently viewed terrific show? Way to go Disney. It was just two mirrored walls that faced each other on either end of the bar but that "forever" effect was very effective and affecting. It amazed me. I was 10, what did I know? And it is such an inexpensive effect...why would you ever take it down Disney? Why?


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