mid to late twenties couple's trip 1900 park fare, le cellier, EPCOT


No Day but Today
May 14, 2001
those traveling were me, nicole, 25 and my boyfriend, chris, 28. this was my 5th trip to WDW and DBF's 2nd, the last time he went, however, was before EPCOT opened. we carried a passporter with us at all times and it was great. that's how i'm able to remember enough to make trip reports even after we've been back for two weeks and survived the holidays. we stayed at the animal kingdom lodge for 6 nights

we started this day off with 10:30 PS at 1900 Park Fare. the Grand Floridian looked
beautiful in the holiday decor, this style of hotel just carries it well. they had the huge tree
and a very big house made of real gingerbread that smelled amazing. mary poppins and
the mad hatter were coloring with the kids as we entered the restaurant. we got food in
the buffet, I couldn’t wait to have the strawberry soup. if you go do not be afraid of it, it is
really yummy. we saw pooh, tiger, minnie, alice, mary poppins, and the mad hatter. we
paid with coupons form connections 123, they were $17.00 a piece including tax and tip
and the breakfast here was $36.02. using these coupons is so easy b/c you don’t have to
worry about cash and when you hand over the already-paid-for-a-long-time-ago-coupon,
it’s almost like it’s free!! towards the end of the breakfast pooh and the mad hatter came
and sat on my side of the booth. I have some keychains hanging off my small backpack I
carry in the parks, one of which is the mystery machine van from scooby doo and it’s
headlights serve as a flash light. well the mad hatter thought this was very fun and passed
it on to pooh. the table across from us proceeded to film the whole encounter for a while
and finally the mad hatter told them they could put their camera down, he would be over
there soon. when they didn’t he asked them if they thought it was a little weird to have
video of the characters with other people in their video . he made a valid point b/c after
about ten minutes of them filming me I felt a little strange. then the mad hatter told me
they would sit there till nancy comes to get then. apparently, nancy is their “drill
sergeant”. she makes sure that each character visits all the tables and the restaurant was
beginning to clear out. they stayed with us a little while longer and Nancy did come over
to tell pooh that he had missed a certain table in his rotation three times. well pooh,
didn’t not want to go, I’m sure he thought his shift was over, and then he stuck out his
hand for mad hatter to go too. mad hatter refused and then pooh refused and it was a big
game that really was funny b/c you could tell it was the two friends inside those costumes
playing, and they were ready for their shift to be over.
after breakfast we rode the monorail to EPCOT. we went directly to test track and did not
get a fast pass b/c it was only a thirty min wait. well that wait turned into almost a hour
so I suggest a fast pass on test track even if the line does not seem too long. next was
spaceship earth. I had forgotten how much I like that ride. then we headed to the living
seas and saw the dolphins and sea life. then over to the land. all we did here was “food
rocks”, don’t ask me why but I just love this show!!
we had PS for la cellier at 3:00. it was the last lunch seating and we wanted to use our sit
down lunch meal coupons here. I just love the food. all included on the coupons we had
mussels and the cheese soup, both excellent, I had a burger with gruyere (sp) cheese, and
creme brulee, DF had a steak (ate the most here he ate the whole trip) cappuccino
cheesecake, and we each got iced tea. the meal coupons were $29.95 a piece, including
tax and tip and the lunch would have been, oh I can’t find the receipt, but it was a good
we went back to future world to walk through innoventions and I had to talk DF out of
playing the computer games they have set up that are the ones they sell in stores for PC. I
thought we needed to be doing stuff that we can’t so at home, so we sent a video email to
my parents and played a couple of games that you wear a belt and the character on the
screen reacts to your body movement.
it was time to hit the world showcase. we rode el tiempo in Mexico then stopped for
tapestry of nations. we stood right between Mexico and Norway, where the parade starts
and it was not the best spot. after every float the pulled the rope to let a few people get
by, and it really messed with the continuity of the parade. I liked the parade, especially
the dream catchers, the blue fairy being my favorite. however, the parade is repetitious.
many of the puppets are very pretty but there were a lot the same and a lot of the drum
wheels. we were glad we stayed to watch. after, we walked right on to the maelstrom
and then into puffins roost, where I got my first troll. I have always loved them and am
glad to finally own one.
we made our way through world showcase just skimming the countries. it was getting
late and we were getting tired. DF bought me some shoes in china and then we got a beer
in the UK and settled on the island at the end of the international gateway. this was a
great spot to view illuminations. I got bored sitting there for an hour, but I could tell
DF’s feet were sore so I didn’t press to move on. he loved illuminations and took plenty
of pics, that didn’t really come out. on the way off the island we saw the boats from the
illuminations cruise coming in and since my sister was thinking of booking one I asked
how it was, and everyone loved it and said it was worth it. since it is so crowded leaving
we make it a tradition to look in the big shop by innoventions. I found a tinkerbell
suitcase there for my 20 month old niece to take on all her future Disney trips. hopefully
she will have many, of course her parents are DVC members (hi sister,
akasleepingbeauty). I was very excited about the suitcase, it was the perfect Christmas
gift for her, I have to keep up the favorite aunt thing. due to the shopping it wasn’t too
crazy getting out. we went back to the hotel and slept very well. I would have liked to
have had more time at EPCOT and was originally thinking that we would go for a while
before our PS at park fare, but with the park not opening until 10:00 it was not worth it.
there’s always next time.


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Aug 18, 1999
LOL at the characters! Sounds like you got some quality time with them and I do agree that the other people filming you was a bit odd. Maybe a little bit of filming but so long? HEHE you are staring in their home videos now. ;)


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Aug 1, 2000
Thanks for posting about your day. I go to WDW with just my boyfriend also and it's nice to read about other's trips. :)


<font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono
Feb 15, 2000
What fun you had at Park Fare, lots of time with the characters.

Sounds like you had another terrific day. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us I had a lot of fun reading about it :)