Mickey's Backyard BBQ?


Sep 21, 2000
I have read on Deb's site about Mickey's Backyard BBQ, but has anyone here attended this. If so, what did you think of it. Is it worth the $$? We have 2 kids who will be 6 and 5. Both of them love listening to country music. Would they enjoy it. Thanks for any info you can give.

Hi, we went to the BYBBQ the last time we visited FW. We had a great time! My kids (at the time were 10, 6 and 2) didn't want to leave. The food was really good and the entertainment was fun. We all learned to line dance with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Chip and Dale. There was a fun roping show and lots of country music. I would definately recommend going. We're going to go again this May.
Thanks welovemickey. We have decided to attend this. I have only read one report where somebody didn't enjoy it. Most are like yours and highly recommend it. How far in advance did you call for Priority Seating? I noticed that you can call a year in advance. We have friends going with us, so I'm just waiting to see if they want to go before I call.

Thanks again.
I think when we went I booked it at least 30 days out. If you're going at a low period, you may be able to get PS anytime. Good luck and have fun!!!
Thanks... I'm sure we all will enjoy it. As luck would have it, I received my All Ears newsletter today and it had an article about the BYBBQ. For anyone that's interested, here is some more information and reviews http://wdwig.com/rev_bbq.htm
We went in July 2000 and loved it , thought the food was great and so was the singers, my dd boggied all nite ! Have a Great time .


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