MGM or Epcot for kids?

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by DisneyChristmas06, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. DisneyChristmas06

    DisneyChristmas06 Earning My Ears

    Jun 15, 2006
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, if not, lead me to where I should go!

    Anyway, my husband and I are having a discussion about which would be best for our kids. We have a girl who will be almost 5, and a boy who will be 2 1/2. We have been to both before without children. Husband thinks they will love Epcot as much as MGM and therefore we should split the parks in one day, ending the day in Epcot so we can see the parade or show or whatever is there at night?

    Also, we have heard different parks stay open until midnight for Resort guests, and he thinks we should plan the MGM/ Epcot day for this. My husband is a HUGE Epcot fan and cannot imagine anyone (including small children) thinking it was less than wonderful. I love it too, don't get me wrong, just not sure it is the best place for small children?

    Also, another ? We will be in Disney the 25th of December through the 31. We are going to MK the 26. We plan on doing the Cinderella's Royal Table but at lunch, are the characters even there at lunch, or breakfast only?

    Also, do you think there will be a problem getting the characters all there the day after Christmas, I am worried this day may not be one of the best to see all the princesses we want to see?

    Again, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this!

  2. sistertrip

    sistertrip DIS Veteran

    Jun 25, 2003
    I think both MGM and Epcot can be good for kids. MGM has a lot more "character-themed" attractions, so it might excite the kids. Epcot's world showcase has activities for children in each "country," so it might be able to keep them entertained. Your plan of MGM in the morning and Epcot in the evening might work, but there's a lot of walking at Epcot that might tucker out kids that late.
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  4. pixiepower1971

    pixiepower1971 DIS Veteran

    Apr 22, 2005
    My kids did not care much for Epcot beyond the rides until they were about 7. It is one of their favorite places now. I lose them in Innoventions for hours!

    They always loved MGM. There is plenty for them to do at a young age.

    Do you have to split the day? I would try to give each park its own day. Epcot is a slower paced day for us but there is so much walking. And at the time of year you are going...the crowds will make it difficult to move around quickly!
  5. PrincessAbby'sMom

    PrincessAbby'sMom DIS Veteran

    Mar 22, 2006
    We just got bac from Disney in May 2006. I have a 5 year old girl & I was also worried about Epcot. It was probably her least favorite, & it was a very long day (my parents wanted to see it all) but we still had a good time. At every country they have a kid cot center, the kids get to color a mask & it was attached to a ruler type stick. Each country would attach a "charm" per say (paper cut of of different things from their country) and the wood stick got a stamp in every country. China even wrote my daughter's name on the mask in Chinese. It kept her busy & there was a little bit else to do, characters around & such. The laser light show was nice, but not my favorite.
    MGM studio's was great for kids, alot of shows so more "down time". I don't know how well your kids will do, but the shows take up alot of time so if you were to do MGM & Epcot, try & choose the shows that you really want to see first.
    Cinderella's Castle lunch: we also did a lunch & we had Cinderella in the lobby (thats the picture you get w/the package) and during the meal we saw: Snow White, Princess Aurora, Mary Poppins & Wendy (peter pan).
    I do not know about Christmas & characters, but the way Disney seems to be run, I would think it would be just another day or even better because it is around Christmas. (just my thoughts though)
    As for seeing the princess's: Almost the only time we saw them was during our character meals only, otherwise we saw Belle & the Beast at Epcot & Jasmine in Epcot, and in MK - toontown store there was a line ( 1 1/2 hours to wait) to see 3 of them. Otherwise we never saw any of them walking around at all! Cinderellabration you got to see a great show of Belle, Princess Aurora, Jasmine, Snow White & Cinderella (and all of their "men"), but did not get one on one w/them. The best meal to see alot of Princess's is Askerus (I know I misspelled that one) in Epcot. There was: Jasmine, Belle, Princess Aurora, Snow White, & Mulan (I think thats it).
    Hope this helps.
  6. bigbabyblues

    bigbabyblues DIS Veteran

    Mar 25, 2004
    Epcot is my 5-yo's favorite park; other one likes it too, but he was only 2 last trip, so he doesn't really know. We usually spend 2 full days there, and maybe another 1/2 day if we have the time. MGM is done in one day, but it's harder because of the show schedules.
  7. MisunderstoodLilo

    MisunderstoodLilo DIS Veteran

    May 13, 2006
    You're already ahead of the game. Your DH loves Epcot and knows how to appreciate it. So do you. Your enthusiasm will rub off on your kids. NO worries!

    MGM has a lot of Playhouse Disney stuff now, so if your kids know those characters, they're in for a treat!

    Have fun!
  8. Disney Addict #1

    Disney Addict #1 Earning My Ears

    Jun 13, 2006
    You should really expose them to both......MGM is a great place to meet characters at a unique location, and Epcot has good culture to offer kids in an age where most young people believe that anything educational is boring. They are both good experiences for young children, but if they favor one park over the other, humor them and try the less-loved parks next time you visit WDW.
  9. poohkinandpiglet

    poohkinandpiglet <font color=663300>Longhorn Fan<br><font color=cc6

    Feb 4, 2004
    The are both great for kids. MGM is mostly shows and a lot of them are in air conditioned buildings which make nice breaks from the heat. We did a lot of MGM when the kids were younger.

    NOW, my kids are a little older and not into the shows at MGM as much. They aren't brave enough yet for Tower of Terror or Rock n Roller Coaster.
    We always go to Stars and Cars parade and the Fantasmic show at least once each visit but now, at 5 and 6, my kids really prefer Epcot over MGM. You could do the bulk of the stuff at MGM in a half day if you had to.
  10. kmccain

    kmccain DIS Veteran

    Mar 12, 2006
    I don't know if they still have them or not but when my kids were small I bought them a passport at one of the shops there at Epcot. The would get it stamped at each country and they would write something to them in that language. Then they read it to them so they knew what it said. It kept them interested in the countries and it kept them moving along.

    Hope this helps!

  11. famofsix

    famofsix <font color=darkorchid>For $40 Elmo should sing, l

    Apr 3, 2006
    We liked Epcot alot. My kids don't really like the shows like Indiana Jones and did not see the Honey I shrunk the Kids movies so we thought we'd hold off on MGM until later when they are more movie buffs. I was never there to experience Playhouse Disney but that does sound like fun.
    At Epcot, we liked meeting characters in the air conditioned character building (even got pixie dust there) and figment was a big hit. In the afternoon we did the passport thing and the KIDCOT. All the CM's gave my kids individual attention and they liked it a lot. We ate in mexico and loved the boat ride. I found since we did some ahead of time planning, we really enjoyed Epcot and it was pretty relaxing. And you gotta love Figment, he's back!
    BTW, I would do one or the other with small kids. Epcot is huge.
  12. english rose 47

    english rose 47 DIS Veteran

    May 23, 2006
    :grouphug: I think my DGS (5) will love Living seas at Epcotfor sure and DGS can't wait to go in the rotating restaurant, I know she thinks it spins fast even though I tell her it doesn't. We don't plan on spending much time in the World we'll spend the time in Future and stay for the nightime show. Any tips on best spot to see them? :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

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