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Apr 8, 2000
Am I entitled to an ID card?

My husband and I have been members since '92. He has had a plastic ID card since they were first mailed several years ago. I never received one. I have been trying for years to get one in my name.

I have been corresponding with the same person at Member Services via e-mail since the beginning of this year and finally thought I was getting some resolution to my problem.

Well, today a card came in the mail........but it's in my husband's name. I have checked and both of our names are on all records.

Thanks to anyone who knows for sure if I should have a card in my name.

Betty Anne
We each have our own card in our own names here. All the ownership papers are in both names too.:D
My wife and I joined in 2000 and both got ID cards in our names. How do the annual bills arrive - in one name or both?


I know all our paper work is in both our names and that has been confirmed by Member Services, but now that you mention it, I think our Dues bill is in my husband's name only.

I'm begining to think I have a bigger problem than an ID card. I sure hope not.

I'll check the bill and I'll try Member Services again.

Thanks for the input.

Make sure that the deed is in both of your names, if it is, you should be in bussiness. Talk to Member Administration. If it's not, then you have a problem. We had the same problem. When we bought resale, they put it in only my name. I added my wife as an associate member but no card. I didn't want to pay to have the deed redone and recorded. When we bought a second contract, I made sure that my wife's name was on it also. Funny thing, we then got cards in both of our names for BOTH accounts.
We bought our points through two resales, one year between purchases. The first contract we did not have any trouble getting our member ID cards - one in my husband's name but we received two cards in my name. Then a year later we bought a second resale with a different use year and boy did we have trouble with the cards. After numerous calls, emails, and 8 additional cards for the first resale, we finally ended up with two ID cards for the second set of points/use year. Member Services finally said they would have to manually override the computer to get the right ID cards printed out with the correct use year. It took two tries for the "manual override" but we finally received the ID cards. (And it took only 7 months! ;) ) Keep on them until they get it right!

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond.

We have done two add-ons since our original purchase, both thru Disney, not resales.

I'm going to call Monday and see if I can get some straight answers. Wish me luck.
What are the ID cards really used for. I have ID cards for my first purchase. When I bought a resale I received temporary cards and then new cards for my original purchase. I have still not received the permenant cards for the resale purchase, but I have never used my id cards for anything. Is there any thing I really need them for? Do I really need two set for the to contracts?

They can be used to receive the DVC discount at TDS, but for most things, are not needed- or accepted. The room ID is required for some programs.
We bought in Sept. 2000 and both received cards. A few months ago I disocvered I couldn't find my card so I e-mailed MS and asked for a replacement. I got an e-mail in return saying they would process my request and about 4 weeks later received cards for both DH and me. The funny thing is that about 3 weeks ago we went to the Disney Store to buy an AP and I came across my original card in my wallet (I swear I looked all through it before - LOL), so now we both have 2 cards!
The thing I use it for the most is the discount at the Disney Store. I have a lot of young nieces and nephews and buy some of their gifts there. They don't question me when I use my husband's card but I'd like to have my own.

Now, it's just the principle of the thing. I don't understand what the problem is. I'm afraid it may be something serious such as my name not being on the deed.


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