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Earning My Ears
Mar 1, 2001
My first post - I hope this is the right place to ask this question!

I am going to be going to Disney World for my very first time (and am so excited I can hardly stand it...) in mid March.

My question is about meeting the Disney characters - are there specific times and places to see them, or are they walking around the different parks and you just have to find them?

Thanks in advance for your help. I've really enjoyed reading all the great tips!
Welcome to the boards!! Seeing characters has always been one of my favorite things about Disney. Sadly the characters no longer just walk around. Years ago they used to do this, but with increased attendance Disney had to control the character greetings more. Characters are in all four of the parks. When you enter a park go to guest services (i.e. Town Hall in MK, and so on) and pick up a character meet-and-greet- schedule. This will tell you what times and where characters will be. Character meals are a great way to meet characters. There are many, such as Chef Mickey's in the Contemporary, Crystal Palace in MK. There are many such meals, and you can find them on line, or if you have a book like Birnbaum they will have a list in it. Remember, only the "face" characters talk. That is the characters without head "masks" such as Cinderella, etc. Mickey and the rest don't talk, but they communicate using their hands, etc. They will sign autograph books, so if you would like some autographs, I suggest you get a book and a fat pen (they can hold on to one of these better). You can buy autograph books at Disney if you want. Hope this helped. Have a wonderful vacation and I hope you see tons of characters!!!
We were in Disney the end of August thru Sept! If you do the priority seating which you can call now and make a reservation ! Chef Mickey's had great Character interaction! and So did Donald's Restaurantasarus in animal kingdom! Also they have different spots where the characters stand and you wait in line to get autograph's I want to say we had gotten alot of diiferent characters at Magic Kingdom and MGM! a good amount at animal Kingdom also! Do the Bugs life under the Tree of life in animal Kingdom if you don't like bugs you'll freak out! But it's cool! I don't like bugs but it was neat! My children screamed!! Have FUN! We're making plans to return in Oct 2000! you can get the number for Chef Mickeys from under resorts go into contemporary and you'll see chef mickey's and it will give you a number! Sorry I wrote a book but these places were a great Experience! :)
Sorry that's October of 2002 we're planning to return and try out the new POP CENTURY ! It looks really neat! ;)

We have done both the character visits at scheduled times and places and character meals. I far prefer the character meals. We've always have great interaction with the characters and it's like a private audience. We get pictures and autographs and DD gets a chance to hug/kiss and talk to her favorites.

This last trip we had trouble with the scheduled character lines -- lots of people cutting in line, walking in front of the shot, characters leaving for break after you spend an hour in line only to never return. It's was much more enjoyable to eat and have them come to you.
Hey Goofy22..where in Lower Township are you? I grew up in Lower township.

Character meals are by far the best way to meet characters. You can relax, have a nice meal and the characters come to you. They'll spend time fooling around and give autographs, pose for pictures, etc. It sure beats wating in line out in the heat. We always do the dinners but the breakfast prices are a little cheaper.

I am in the Villas Area! I moved here from philadelphia approx 11 years ago!
While we were there last week we found that, in addition to the Character Meals, great places to meet them were Epcot: International Gateway; Animal Kingdom: at the entrance, Camp Minnie Mickey, even at the Oasis; MGM: Disney Animation; Magic Kingdom: Toon Town, Main Street.

It sometimes helps to look in nooks and crannies a little off the beaten path. We "stumbled upon" characters in unexpected places and got great pictures of many of them. Tigger and Pluto posed and fooled around for our camera in between greeting the kids. :)

If you go to and look under where to meet characters (in their info-central area) they will have a list of where the different characters tend to be stationed.



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