Meal reviews 5 days (long)


Apr 29, 2004
Figured I'd give back a few after reading so many. November reviews Staying in BWV, 5 adults. Mostly big breakfast, little or no lunch, and a big dinner. Somewhat abreviated:

Day 1 Got in late late so closest thing open was ESPN, Portobello sandwich and burgers. Both pretty good, but we WERE starving so...

Day 2 Breakfast at Spoodles-This was very good had the Platter which was all you could eat and the french toast. Good enough we did a repeat.

Dinner at Yachtsman Steakhouse- excellent meal, probably tied for best of the trip. Had the tomato and mozzarella and the baby spinach salad both were really great. Filets, prime rib and strip steak were excellent. Creme brulee sampler very nice finish. Nice quiet relaxed meal.

Day 3 Breakfast at Fresh- can't say enough about how great this was. Had apple filled french toast and chocolate cherry pancakes made to order. Friendly relaxed servers who made sure you knew most everything available on this all you can eat "buffet", nice selection

Dinner at Cape May- eh, it was ok. If you like clams and mussells like my father you'd be in heaven. Otherwise it's just a typical mid-class buffet.

Day 4 Breakfast at Spoodles- Ditto 2nd time, still good.

Dinner at Le' Cellier- This was pretty good. Cheddar soup and bread were good, and filet and other meats also pretty good, but after Yachtsman we had been very spoiled. I read recently someone here say it's like comparing Mortons to Outback and that is a very close analogy, also quite a bit noisier. Except, the Maple Creme Brulee which beat all the samples at Yachtsman, i could have eaten a pail or two but the walk home would have been interesting.

Day 5 Breakfast at Boma- Everything i had read was true. Great selection of great food. Some staples some new and unusual. More selection and almost as good of quality as Fresh. Juice they give you to start sounds like a funny mix but is very good and we all finished our glasses.

Dinner Flying Fish- We had cancelled CG because we were tired. None of us regretted it, tied for best meal. The Ceasar needed something but the Mahi Mahi was great, even the dark areas had not even a hint of fishyness to it. DW got the NY strip steak and pronounced it better than any other including Yachtsman. Banana Napolean was very light and one of the best deserts of the trip.

So the two most expensive meals were also the best, which i don't mind if you get what you pay for, it doesn't alway work out that way though. Also slipped in a Grapefruit Cake, A Dole Whip, and another Caprese Salad and dessert for lunch at Alfredo di Roma which was very good, the bread and olive oil eaten outside was enough to bring me back.

Thanks :wave:
Thanks for the reviews. We are trying Fresh on our next trip. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.
Where is fresh?? haven't heard of this but breakfast sounds great cant wait maybe we will try spoodles for breakfast our epcot day

Fresh is in the Dolphin, which is very near the Boardwalk. Spoodles was good but was also a convenience thing being on the Boardwalk and me at BWV. If i was making a special trip i'd go a little farther and go to Fresh. Or just take the boat from the International Gateway and it will stop there.

Enjoyed the reviews. Was there much of a "wait" at the Fresh cooking station??

Thanks for the reviews! We are also trying Fresh for the first time this trip, and I'm really looking forward to it! :D
No kids, 5 adults. Since Fresh seems to be the hot topic i'll expand it.

There was no wait at all when we went. This was maybe around 10:00, and the parks were not crowded Nov 16-21. The waitress told us the Dolphin being a convention hotel can get somewhat busy when there is an event and slow at other times.

Along with the French toast/pancake person, they also had a carving station, and omlet/egg station (they were poaching for someone when i walked up). They usual pastries, oatmeal, cereal, grits, fresh fruit, bacon, sausage and really good potatoes with peppers and onions. The waitress also said they would do toast if you asked, and i saw a family with tortilla's for wraps so they must have asked. They give you a pot of coffee, and there are jellies and jams on the table.

They also had a juice area, they start you out with fresh OJ and we all commented that yes it was "fresh squeezed", the juice area had about 3 different kinds of combinations, i remember "detox", "antioxidant", and i forgot the other. Only tried the detox which was not bad, the only juices in it i remember were blackberry and beets but enough others to make it taste ok.

Oh, you asked about kids so you may be thinking it's fancy.... it's not. It's not real big either. 1/4 to 1/2 the size of Boma. I would consider it very kid friendly, saw Fruit Loops and Cheerios etc. families there.

I had to drag my father there because he wanted to go to Tubbi's or Cape May, now Fresh is all he talks about. If memory serves me it was $15-16 for adults and included everything. The waitress said there was also the option of cutting out the made to order stations and saving a few dollars so pastryaholics can eat their weight in sticky pecan rolls and save a few dollars.

Ok, after that i hope whoever tries it likes it. Let me know either way! :wave:
I at Flying Fish last month and also ordered the Mahi Mahi. I usually order the potato wrapped snapper or tuna when I go there but am I glad I ordered the Mahi Mahi. It was one of the best pieces of fish I have ever eaten.


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