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    We arrived at MCO on 3/20 at 9:30 AM. It took a while to get off of the plane because we were in the last row, but we got to ME and were at YC by 11AM. It stopped at CB first, then I assume BC and BW after because on the way home 3/27, it picked us up, then BC, then BW. I heard the driver radio in (we were in the first row) that he had 47 on his bus and how many were at CB, but there were only 5 girls at CB so he swung by and got them. The last girl had a choice of 2 seats--one in the far back, and one next to my DD#1 who was out cold and folded over the other seat--I was about to wake her up but she went to the back. None of those girls got to sit together.
    We also were on a Mears bus from the airport to YC--not an ME bus--I was momentarily bummed, but DS put it in perspective when he said "those people get the old busses, we get a new bus!" We had an ME bus going back to MCO.
    We took busses to MK, AK and TL at opening times various days. On the MK day they opened at 7 so we were down there at 6:20 and got a bus quickly. I did notice that some busses, like from AK and TL, were for all 5 Epcot resorts, and some, like from MK, were just YC/BC. We did wait about 10 minutes for an MK bus one afternoon, but the morning busses were very prompt.
    We took the boat to the studios once at open and again back later and it was also a very short wait.
    Overall Disney transportation was very good for us this trip. We haven't rented a car in 8 years!
    Robin M.

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