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  1. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    Well, I finally managed to make to it to the Disney Wedding and Honeymoon board (I'm always way behind...that's the story of my life) and thought I should get one of these PJs started.

    I moved to NJ from a tiny place in IL after I finished my graduate work in '04. Even though I've been in NJ for almost three years now, I'm adjusting to the different way of life here on a daily basis.

    How it all started:

    After being here a couple of months, I realized that I'd never meet people just because of the fast pace and different way of life than I was used to so I decided to take the lead of my best friend and try online dating.

    So, thanks to Steph's courage, I bit the bullet and signed up. Boy what an interesting mix of fun and frustration. During my 1st year and 1/2 here I was busy with work and I met a number of different guys. There was a huge mix of guys from fun and great to hang out with to scary and totally not what that make themself out to I got used to whole "game" and the way things worked I figured out how to weed out the weirdos and make a fun time out of it all but I just wasn't finding anyone nearly like Mr. Right and felt like I was really wasting my time!

    After using the online dating site for a little over a year I figured, eh...I'm done with this - I need to focus on work and maybe I'll go back to school or move back to IL because I was thinking that NJ just wasn't the place for me.

    My subscription was getting close to expiring and I began ignoring the emails I would get from the site until one lonely December day. I was stuck at home and finally read a request for communication from the site. I thought to myself...well I've not got anything better to do today so why not :confused3

    I took the chance and it was at least some harmless fun and it might be interesting. On December 9, Pete and I, started off talking via the website with questions and what we like and don't like...then came Christmas and I had saved all my vacation for the year to go home to visit my family in IL for two weeks.

    Being at home with all of my family and being in a close friend's New Year's Eve wedding made being responsive to him kind of difficult but I managed a couple notes. When I got back to NJ during the 1st week of January I sent him a note to tell him I was finally back and dropped in my phone number just in case he wanted to call.

    Well...long story short - he did, went on our 1st date on 1/7/06 and we've been basically inseperable since then!!
  2. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    Pete & Kim 2006

    After we went on our 1st date in January 2006, we had a whirlwind 1st 1/2 of 2006. I was doing a good bit of travel for work among other things and being apart got to be tough. By March Pete told me I couldn't go away without him anymore so when it was time for me to go back to IL for my best friend's wedding in March he tagged along. That was his 1st experience in "middle of nowhere" IL and the 1st time he met my parents - what a trip!!

    He made it through and by the time we came back I knew he was the one - not sure how long it would take him to figure it out but I knew he'd catch on sooner or later - these Engineers must live my numbers and spreadsheets and facts and I just live by how things feel and I felt it!

    The rest of 2006 was busy...more work travel for me and some for him. Then his family (sister, brother-in-law, 2 nieces, and nephew) came to NJ to visit for a month, he was in summer Shakesphere, and I changed jobs!

    Not sure where the whole year went but it was gone quickly. Some great memories but the day that we went to one of his friend's wedding in NYC has to be one of the most memorable as that was the 2nd wedding we'd been to together in about 6 months and he couldn't stop talking about getting married at that point - what a switch from earlier in the year.

    It was then, mid-August, when I started floating the idea of a Disney wedding. He wasn't sure but wasn't saying no so I was super excited about that and got the wedding DVD in the player as fast as I could!!

    Pete was interested in the DVD and we watched it a couple of times. He even started looking on the Disney Wedding site so I was thinking I really had him sold!!!

    As the year started to wind down we started talking about rings. He took me on a cruise for my birthday and I thought that that would be the perfect time and place but it wasn't....then Christmas came and we were in IL with my family...anothe great time and setting but no ring :(

    I finally just out and told him how important it was to get things started with Disney to get the date/time/place we wanted. His response was "well we can call and set things up" but me being the cautious one that I am didn't want any bad karma and said, "no way, not until I have the ring," because I was scared to be the girl that planned the wedding that never happened!!

    So, even though he was sold on the Disney wedding 2006 ended and we still weren't engaged.
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  4. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    January 2007

    After we returned to NJ from our week in IL around Christmas and New Years we got back to work and our regular life stuff. Our one year dating anniversary came on 1/7/07 and we re-enacted our 1st date.

    It was fun and a nice way to think through the entire year we spent together but the day came to an end without an engagement - I was starting to feel high stress over the fact that we still weren't engaged and how the missed opportunities were just piling up!! I was worried becasue I know it's pretty important to get things booked with Disney a year in advance and I wanted to get married in 2007!!!!

    January 27

    Pete showed me a much softer, friendlier, and happier side of NJ as we began dating. We spend much of our time outside, taking advantage of the beauty that many people don't know NJ has - I didn't until we started dating. We try to get out as much as we can since we both get pretty stir crazy being couped up at work all the time. Even when it's cold we go for walks in the park or where ever we can manage.

    On that Saturday afternoon, we were walking in one of my favorite parks - with 2 wonderful, old wooden as we walked and talked I was a little confused as to where we were going. I said "are we there yet" and he kept telling me almost.

    As we go to my favorite bridge, from a way I had never been before, he told me to look to my right and asked if I knew where we were yet. Ah-ha...the bridge I love so much...the one that reminds me of back home. Alas, I knew where we were so we walked down the hill and over to the bridge.

    We started across the bridge then as usual we stopped in the middle for a little kiss, he kissed me then we started to look down at the 1/2 frozen stream trickling below. After a little bit I turned a little to my left so we could continue our walk, Pete took my hand, got down on his knee, and asked "will you make me the happiest man in the world and become my wife?"

    I could barely say yes :cloud9: but muttered something and my eyes filled with tears...what a smart guy - he took me away for a couple of hours because he knew I'd be on the phone for the rest of the weekend!!!
  5. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    We're finally engaged, now what?!?

    Since we got engaged on a Saturday, I couldn't call WDW until Monday but I did 1st thing!!!

    On Monday 1/29 I called and got a call back that evening...which was a HUGE relief as they said it might take a couple days....I would have been a wreck it I had to wait much longer!!

    I knew I wanted to get married on Friday 12/7 because it's the 7th of the month and we started dating on 1/7. The Wedding Pavilion was booked all day on the 7th except for 8am. So that's what we took - an 8am ceremony.

    At first 8am seems crazy but I won't be sleeping the night before anyway so we might as well get it over with early, LOL!

    The sales guy, Joe, got us set up for an 8am ceremony then a brunch reception at Citricos and a dessert party at France (lower) for Illuminations.

    We sent out a huge communication for our guests, did our room block, then signed our contract by March. Our save the dates went out without a hitch and things were all on track - thank goodness because my life was going to be going back and forth to France for work once a month between March and June!
  6. LuluLovesDisney

    LuluLovesDisney <font color=red>If you're not outraged, you're not

    Feb 28, 2005
    Congratulations! You're off to a great start and I can't wait for more! I'd love to see any pictures, too (as you get things together) Do you have an idea of how many people will be coming? Brunch at Citrico's sounds great!

    Where in NJ are you? (I live there, too.)
  7. oneyodafan

    oneyodafan Woman With Hobbit Feet

    Jun 27, 2007
    Congrats, sounds like you are a busy person! Looking forward to more details.
  8. myprincessgirlisa

    myprincessgirlisa DFTW 12/4/97

    Jan 2, 2007

    congrats & welcome to the boards!!

    Im from IL too...but a suburb of your family further south?

    What a great proposal....that bridge sounds like something from a movie!!

    Im bummed, ill be in FL on the 7th but at universal!!

    Cant wait to hear about more details!!!:goodvibes
  9. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    Thank you all so very much for your kind welcome. I’ve been blue lately with wedding planning and not feeling like I’m getting anything accomplished along with missing the family and my friends. I’ve tried a bunch to get back to IL for a visit but craziness with work keeps me in Jersy or France as it goes these days!!!!

    I live in an apartment next to New Brunswick…we are trying to buy a house so hopefully I’ll be living in Holmdel in a few months…keep your fingers crossed!!! :banana:

    As of right now there’ll be about 60-ish people at our wedding and reception. I was going to go with a ballroom at the GF but that was too many people and the price was the same for some of the most gorgeous restaurants on property…why spend money decorating a ballroom when there’s a ready-made fabulous atmosphere!!!

    Our pre-reception will be in the outer area then the WP said they'd usher people into the rotunda area just before we come in. I was able to do a quick walk through when we were at our planning session and it was so bright and happy there - just like I want it to be!!!

    Yep…my family is south…all around Carbondale – I grew up and went to school there.

    The bridge thing is kind of funny – Pete’s a structural engineer and bridges are his thing. Shortly after we started dating, he stopped and kissed me on a bridge on one of our little walks and since then it’s been a “tradition” of sorts. There’s going to be a bridge on our wedding cake – just because!!!!! hehehe

    We’ll be in FL from 12/4 – 12/10…19 weeks from tomorrow, maybe we’ll run into one another!!!!

    The more time I spend poking around on here the more happy things I think, YEA!!!!

    Will update with dresses, cakes, and planning session outcomes soon, if I can figure out how to post pictures and links!! :surfweb:
  10. myprincessgirlisa

    myprincessgirlisa DFTW 12/4/97

    Jan 2, 2007

    welcome again

    carbondale...i think my DH lost his wallet there & the man was nice enought to call/mail it back to town;)

    funny you say pete has a thing with bridges cause hes a structural engineer(very cool)...dh is an electrician & every store we wlk into he cant take his eyes off the ceiling checking out the I know exactly what you mean....when you walk a you just look at him to see if he's checking out the structure;) ?

    That would be great if we could get some of us dis girls together for a quick dinner/lunch, but i know how busy you & he others might be,.....but i will be looking out for dont be surprised if I caome up & say hi:flower3:

    cant wait to read more!!:goodvibes
  11. DisneyFairy19

    DisneyFairy19 Disney Bride 10-4-08!!! Annual Passholder!!! Been

    May 23, 2006
    Love what you have so far... Congrats:goodvibes
  12. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    Here's my shot at adding pictures....

    The ring - since I'm such a MM fan and because we are getting married at WDW, the ring was a must!! DF had it designed for me and when you look at the ring from the side, there's an "S" on either side of the diamonds holding them up because that will be my new last initial.


    The dress - Red is and always has been my favorite color. I figured December is the perfect time to wear a dress with red in it and it just fits in with MM so well, hehehe!


    I am so excited about the dress....I searched around all over the place then as soon as I mentioned that I wanted a dress with color in it, my MOH sent this was just meant to be!!!!
  13. orangetiggs

    orangetiggs Married my sweetheart in DISNEY!!!!!

    Oct 18, 2006
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your ring!!! I wich i could have one!
  14. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    Fast forward through March, April, May, and most of June to our Planning Session

    So, our save the dates went out in March just as I left for France and we set up our planning session. March through June was tough for me - Pete switched jobs and I was working in France. People always say "oh I'd love to travel and work in different places" but the part that most people don't understand is that after you've worked all day in your office, the US is still working so work is still piling up and then you spend 5 or 6 more hours working in the hotel at night :coffee:

    With all the craziness I didn't have much time to do any planning other than the 8 hour plane rides back and forth. That being said, I returned from France June 17th and we left for our planning session on Thursday June 21. What an "interesting" trip that was...a 10 minute thunderstorm in Newark left us stranded on the tarmac for 2+ hours but we made it to MCO just before midnight. We picked up the rental car and headed to a college pals' place - a whole 5 minutes from MCO - YEA!!! We settled in and got some shut eye as our planning session was at 9 on Friday.

    So, Miss Control Freak/Can't be Late here insisted we leave on Friday by 7am to get over to Disney. We got over there at that time of morning in a flash and boy was it hot!! Me, being that I'm not so into hot weather was thinking how happy I am that our wedding is in December, hehe. Anyway - we were WAY early for our appointment so we walked around the area a good bit. It was super nice because I'd only actually seen the Wedding Pavilion by way of the monorail.

    We got to check out the whole place - it was super exciting to be inside. I wasn't sure what to expect ... there were more hearts than I expected and not as much Mickey as I would have thought ... we found the 3 hidden Mickey's and took some pictures.



  15. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    Planning Session with Diane, Laura, and MOH

    A little bit before 9 my MOH arrived. She’s a CM and we met during CP…there just wasn’t a better choice since I don’t know anyone that loves MM and Disney as much as I do other than her!

    We went in to Francks for our session and it was interesting to say the least. I mean that in the nicest way … to me it was all so well planned and non-spontaneous so that was just a little strange. I guess because I had so many ideas of what we wanted it really made the time fly.

    Our wedding is super duper early in the morning (8am) because DF waited so long to ask….that means that we’ve got to start really early with pictures and the guests will be waking up before the sun too but it’s only a one time thing, right?!?

    So, anyway, our planning session resulted in making me feel a ba-zillion percent less stressed!! I felt terrible not having time to “plan” before hand but when I realized that all the stuff for our wedding was pretty well in my head and it all just fell into place during the session I was totally relieved!

    During the session we decided to go with the “bridge to happiness” cake with modifications to make it more MM like and to make it more for our wedding colors. Our colors are red and black with a little silver for sparkle. My dress is red and white with some great beading on the front. That beaded design will actually be on our cake in red. So, the cake is the bridge to happiness with white fondant and red designs from my dress. Across the bridge will be Mickey and Minnie standing on a red heart (the cake topper I found at DLP during my last trip to France in June).

    For the cake we decided to go with the tropical, peanut butter cup, and amaretto fillings – all of the filling we tasted was sooooooooooo yummy it was way difficult to decide. I am really excited about the cakes and the funny part is all my friends (several CMs will be at our wedding) all keep asking what our cake will be but it’s a secret, hehehe.

    During the planning session we of course decided on a bunch of other things….here’s the basic scoop:

    1. Flowers – mine are red roses with hidden Mickeys, MOH’s are white roses with hidden Mickeys, Pete’s boot is red rose with hidden Mickey to match mine, other boots are white roses with hidden Mickeys to match the MOH’s bouquet. Our Moms’ will get flower balls – white with hidden Mickeys and I just added flower purses for our reader and my two nieces to be.
    2. Cake – modified bridge to happiness
    3. Ceremony order and music – that was fun!! Rev. Jack Day will be the officiate for our and he’s such a sweetheart! I looked around all over the place and got packets from a few different possibilities but when I saw Rev. Jack I just got lots of warm fuzzies and that sealed the deal for me. Since we decided on him and he was available we’ve talked several times and we’ll get to meet him when we are in Orlando at the end of Oct for my bday.
    As for the other details of our ceremony…the organist will play Disney love songs during seating then our Mom’s will be escorted down the aisle to “Baby of Mine” from Dumbo, the processional for the wedding party will be Canon in D, and dad and I will come down to “here comes the bride.”
    We’ve not nailed everything down yet but my best friend from college is going to read Corinthians, “love is patient, love is kind…” and DF’s oldest niece will sing “The Lord’s Prayer” somewhere in there. I’m actually having a hard time deciding …. Lord’s Prayer at the beginning or end and 1st Corinthians during unity candle or another time…still pondering…at least we don’t have to decide for a little while yet!
    4. Pre-Reception – Pete and I will make our staged exit with bubbles then off in Cindy’s coach. While we are getting pics, everyone else will be ushered over to the GF for early morning mimosas and some pastries in the outer part of Citricos.
    5. Reception – when we are ready to arrive, the captains will get people into the rotunda of Citricos so we can make our entrance and have we’ll all enjoy a nice brunch, a champagne toast, and some dancing!! We decided that once the “picture dances” are over, we’ll cut the cake, hang out a little, say our thanks, invite everyone to the parks and our dessert party, then disappear with Mickey and Minnie!!!

    So, our planning session was a total success. We went back to NJ after the weekend at WDW and have been really busy ever since. As of today, I’ve been in contact with a couple of people about invites and am figuring out favors.

    I have the basic idea for our wedding favors for WDW – a gift box (not sure what to put in it yet) with a silver MM ornament attached. I am thinking of making a wedding CD but I’m not so sure I’m up to that since we’ll be moving in the next month (just bought our 1st house!). I was also thinking about candy but want MM stuff to go in the box…I have to keep thinking!!!

    At this point…we’re about 3 ½ months out and I am sure hoping I’ve got it all together.

    Big “TO DO” for me today…make list of “to do’s” and “to buys”!!

    Will update again when I can...hope you enjoy reading and if you have any ideas...I'm always up for those!!!
  16. nsudisneyrep

    nsudisneyrep Mouseketeer

    May 13, 2007
    Great PJ, can't wait to read more! :goodvibes I am originally from Edwardsville area, Illinois. After I met my DF on the CP, I moved to Oklahoma to be with him, but still go home to Illinois as often as I can... I thought 8 hours was a long time! You poor thing coming all the way from NJ! Good luck to you both! :thumbsup2
  17. mcarthur205

    mcarthur205 DIS Veteran

    Nov 3, 2005
    I'm loving your pj! Everything you've planned so far sounds great - looking forward to hearing more and seeing as many photos as possible! Your ring is beautiful, I've never seen anything like it before :goodvibes I'd like one too!
  18. tlhbdm

    tlhbdm 1354.40 miles away from the mouse

    Feb 24, 2007
    We're getting married on the same day, but I'm not getting married at Disney World but we'll be there two days later for our Disneymoon.
  19. M-C-K-Y-M-S

    M-C-K-Y-M-S Earning My Ears...and waiting for my happily-ever-

    Jul 23, 2007
    8/29/07 - 100 days to go!

    Today, August 29 means there’s only 100 days left until our DFTW. :bride: I am super excited and I’ve put up a countdown in my office. People have been asking lots of questions about the wedding lately so I thought I’d add to the fun with my countdown! :hourglass

    As for an update to what’s going on let me get started with the fun stuff….

    Thanks to this discussion board I’ve found so many wonderful resources. Two Disney brides, right here in the Garden State – one of them created wine labels for our wedding favor at our IL reception and the other designed our wedding invitations!! Here’s a picture of the wine bottle labels that were created by CM Designs of Hawethorne NJ and as soon as I have a finalized copy of our invites I’ll post them. :banana:

    So, the countdown is on and I am really starting to get in gear. We bought a house so number one priority will be to pack and get moved during September – I have to fit in sending out invites though….hopefully that won’t be too bad. After we move at the end of September, I’ll be able to focus on making stuff for the wedding again.

    I did manage to talk with someone at Disney Recreation last month and have set up a get together for our bridal party and the other adults coming – kind of a welcome party but only for adults. We are going to play mini golf at Fantasia Gardens then go over to the Boardwalk for fun – a few drinks and a great time at Jellyrolls on December 5th. :woohoo: Everyone will be there, we can party and have fun then sleep in the next day before our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at the Luau.

    Over the weekend I found a tiara to wear for our wedding. I have short hair that’s really full so for a tiara to look right, it’ll have to sit up a little bit. So, I’ve been looking around and thinking a lot about different possibilities and of course I wanted something MM. I couldn’t find anything…and was running out of ideas. Then I showed DF the rhinestone MM ears from the Disney Store for $1200. He said…hm – it might be worth paying the money just to see you walk down the aisle wearing that. However, realistically, not sure if I want to go that far, especially because I LOVE my hair (the one and only thing I love about myself). So, on Sunday we were out shopping and I found a tiara with a matching comb that my flower girl can wear – it’ll be cute her comb will look like a tiara and match mine except for the MM charm mine will have hanging down on it when my box comes from the Disney Store and DF works some magic! pixiedust: I’ll post when it’s done, I promise.

    Now, besides the tiara…I am WAY SPASTIC about what I have in store for Pete on our wedding night. I found a place online called Gifts of a Lifetime and have scheduled them to come in and decorate our room while we are at our dessert party. Since the wedding is all about MM and I really wanted to do something to surprise Pete, they are going to do their romance kind of package (rose petals, lights, chocolates, etc.) add Pixie Dust, mistletoe, and and and do hidden Donalds. When I spoke to Jane on the phone (she’s AWESOME) she told me she’d create a poem and leave it for Pete to find the DDs. I was planning on a lot and it’s not too bad (only $325 for everything) and the best part will be the surprise and the fun. YEA, YEA, YEA I just can’t wait!!! :cloud9:

    All right, so I guess that pretty well sums up what’s been going on lately. Sorry it’s been awhile – work, house stuff, and packing don’t leave me much time for the wedding and even less time to be online.

    Here’s what I have to do, as far as I know but if I’m missing anything – please don’t hesitate to tell me!!

    1. Wedding Invites – finalize, address, and mail

    2. Rehearsal Dinner Invites – make and mail

    3. Order Napkins with this graphic that I made using PPT [​IMG]

    4. Make Tiara when package comes

    5. Buy shoes (Dorothy shoes with 3” heels)

    6. Write welcome letter for guests

    7. Buy or make thank you cards

    8. Finalize the wedding ceremony – music, order, etc.

    9. Make programs and incorporate napkin graphic

    10. Make labels for bubbles using napkin graphic

    11. Script out the reception

    12. Make wish cards for guests and a box for guests to put them in

    13. Buy or make stuff for WDW favors – our favor for our wedding is a small Christmas gift box since our wedding is close to Christmas and I just have to have stuff to fill it):
    a. Make tags for these gift boxes as there will be one for each family, not
    one for every person – the tags will be our napkin graphic on one side
    then I’ll handwrite everyone’s name on the other side
    b. CD of wedding music – burn CDs and make label with same graphic as
    c. Chai Teabags in cellophane Christmas treat bags – need to buy the tea
    and the cellophane bag. I also have to find MM head silhouette
    sticker to close the bags
    d. MM Christmas Ornament – I have to personalize these with mine and
    Pete’s initials and our wedding date
    e. Magnets with our new address – print those and use the same graphic
    as napkin
    f. Candy
    g. ??? any other ideas?!? I am lost for ideas and want to stuff the box
    with fun stuff.

    14. Buy and personalize MM ears for all the kids coming to our wedding – I want to think of something cute to put on them (i.e. for my niece that’s our flower girl, “Aunt Kim’s Flower Girl”). Hers is easy but for the others I am having trouble. I don’t know what to personalize them with….many of the kids (actually all of the kids that will be at our wedding) used to call me Miss Kim as I was their teacher/nanny/babysitter – any ideas?!?

    :scared1: WOW – that’s a lot to do… and only 100 days to go. Thank goodness this weekend is a long one….must focus and get TONS done because September will be super duper busy as my French colleagues will all be back from holiday and there will be a huge push for stuff through the end of the year and on top of all that, we are buying and moving into our 1st house.

    I will update as I can…if anyone is reading – enjoy!!!
  20. shasess

    shasess My Disney Princess!!!

    Dec 21, 2005
    I love the graphic that you made!!! It's sooooooooo cute!!!:thumbsup2
    Awesome PJ!!!
  21. Hillary12.8.07

    Hillary12.8.07 DIS Veteran

    Apr 15, 2007
    I don't know how I missed this!! But YAY I'm here! Congrats from another DECEMBER bride! There sure are quite a few of you ladies joining in here lately!! awesome!!
    Everything looks great! I LOVE LOVE your wine bottle idea. And your ring is amaaaazing!

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