May/June 2001 Trip -- Part 19: Islands of Adventure – The Missing DIS’ers

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    May 28, 2001

    The cast:
    Me (the 29-year old)
    RhondaS (moderator of the Community Board)
    Scottie (RhondaS’ DH)
    Erin (RhondaS’ DD)
    Malarie (RhondaS’ DD)
    Dan Murphy (moderator of the Community Board)
    Robinrs (moderator of the Community and Universal Boards)
    Michael (Robinrs’ DS)
    Nativetxn (aka Katholyn, chat host and moderator of Theme Park Attractions & Strategies and Disney For Adults & Solo Travelers)
    Wigglium (I think that was his name, Nativetxn’s DH)

    In front of Confscio’s were familiar faces. We saw Katholyn and her DH. She missed us this morning, but she remembered that we were meeting for a noon lunch at Confscio’s.

    We were seated at a long table, but we did not get the tour of the desert display this time. The character lunch wasn’t around either. The restaurant seemed a bit quieter without characters wandering around, plus Dan couldn’t get a lunchtime pose with Robin and Spider-Man!

    I forgot what we all ate, but I remember everything looked good. We should have passed around the plates so we could try everyone’s food! The one thing that I forgot was good was the bread. I could eat the bread and drink a glass of water for bread, and I don’t even have to go to prison for it! After lunch, Dan talked to a moderator on his cellphone and he passed it around the table! I hope he has enough time left on his 200 free monthly minutes!

    The highlight of lunch was when Katholyn was discussing the Tarzan Rocks show at Animal Kingdom. She said that she was disappointed by the show. Our waitress heard our conversation and joined in. Our waitress didn’t like it either! She said that she loved the Hunchback of Notre Dame show at Disney-MGM Studios, but not Tarzan Rocks! Now we now where some Universal employees spend their days off!

    At the end of lunch, we were getting out our wallets to pay, but Katholyn’s DH offered to pay our entire bill. We all were floored when he offered! I should have ordered lobster! We gave him generous thanks for paying. I will have to remember to invite Katholyn and her DH to future DIS meets.

    As we exited Confscio’s, the clouds were getting ugly and it looked like rain. We were trying to figure out where to hide until the rain passed. Dan suggested that we look at our photos. We got ours taken in the morning near the entrance. Since we were going over to Universal Studios anyway, we could go on the Nickelodeon tour. After the tour, the rain would surely be over. If not, we can run over to Hanna-Barbera or the Universal Studios tour to hide from the rain.

    Katholyn and her DH wanted to first upgrade her tickets to annual passes. We stopped by the ticket upgrade center near the exit. We waited about 10 minutes for them to upgrade their tickets and for them to get their mugs taken for the annual pass. Meanwhile, some of us went to the bathroom while Dan called another moderator on his cellphone. He passed the phone around yet again! I must remember to invite Dan to a DIS meet. After all, with all his minutes on his cellphone, we can all call home!

    After Katholyn and her DH got their annual passes, I could feel that rain was coming. I have lived in Florida nearly all my life and I can feel in my bones when rain is starting. It becomes a little colder and the wind starts to pick up. When that happens, rain is on the way. I figured that we could make it to Universal Studios and in the Nickelodeon tour before the weather became bad. We could enter through the entrance by the Hard Rock Café and be right at the Nickelodeon building.

    As we exited Islands of Adventure, the wind picked up and the air became colder. Rain was surely on the way. If we walked briskly, we could make it to Universal Studios and inside sweet, delicious air conditioning.

    Then my plans fell apart. Who broke off from the group?
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    Lookin forward to reading your next report! :D

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