May/June 2001 Trip -- Part 17: Portifino Bay – “Board Research” at Breakfast

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    May 28, 2001

    The cast:
    Me (the 29-year old)

    I was up at 5:15 am and I checked out through the TV. I was amazed that it actually worked! I have stayed in many hotels over the past year and checking out through the TV only worked at two other hotels. I am usually told to go down to the front desk to check out. I took my bags to my car and headed to breakfast at 7 am.

    I was the only one in the restaurant and the staff was having a meeting. The manager seated me and she also got me coffee. Today I decided to have the continental breakfast buffet. I wasn’t in the mood for eggs. For “board research,” I decided to listen into the meeting. I pretended not to listen by concentrating on my breakfast, but I had one ear open for some juicy rumors.

    One subject during the meeting was about upselling. The manager said that if a guest asked for just water, the servers ought to try to sell them bottled Evian water. If a guest asked for juice, they should ask them what type of juice. The manager also said to ask the guests if they wanted anything else after dinner, like coffee or desert. It’s all about upselling!

    Then the subject turned to cleaning. The manager wanted the servers to wipe the chairs after the guests left. If a chair were dirty, the server would get written up. I was wondering how could you get a chair dirty from eating? Doesn’t the butt cover up most of the chair? You have to be a sloppy eater to get a chair dirty while eating! I guess someone could have fallen in the mud and stuck their dirty butt onto the seat. But man, a dirty chair? I do not want to sit beside the person who gets a chair messy during dinner! I suppose it was a big problem since the manager brought it up.

    The manager wanted the servers to create “lasting memories.” I’m not so sure how upselling would do that. I would have a lasting memory of the Portifino Bay room beds or the huge bathroom. The beds were ultra comfy. The bathrooms were big enough to stick a rollaway in and have someone sleep in there! It would be good to put a loudly snoring family member in there and close the door so everyone else can have a good night’s sleep! Then someone would take a big dump in the middle of the night and that would be the end of a peaceful night’s sleep!

    Then again, you can have a lasting memory at a restaurant if a server was really nice or if you have a delicious steak. Sometimes the small things are the most memorable part of the vacation. Sure, you may have ridden the Hulk 200 times during your vacation, but that is small beans to the employee that was super nice or was patient in finding a lost kid. The small things seem to make or break someone coming back next year.

    As for the food at the breakfast, I liked it. The spread had a lot of pastries and bagels. I liked the variety of cream cheeses. I think the breakfast at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Sunset Grill has a bigger selection. The continental breakfast is huge. You can even eat cold cuts and salmon for breakfast! You can slap some meat between some toast and have a breakfast sandwich. Plus, the Sunset Grill’s breakfast is about 50 cents cheaper. I was too lazy to walk over to the Hard Rock Hotel just for breakfast.

    I tried to charge my breakfast to my room key, but I was already checked out. I paid in cash instead.

    I headed to the docks to catch the boat to Citywalk. From there, I walked over to Islands of Adventure to meet up with everyone.
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    I love reading your reports!!!

    I guess you dont have any kids. When mine were small I couldnt believe what a mess they could make eating, including getting food on their seats. I always tidy up the table and wipe down their chairs before I leave a rest.

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    Try having smeared ketchup in the seat at McDonalds (just an example) and then ask how a seat can get messy. It's not always kids that make a mess. You would be surprised.
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    Barry, you were evesdropping? :eek: shame, shame, shame;

    (PS: did you hear any other juicy info?:D )
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    LOL! Too funny about the bed in the bathroom. :D

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