May 2010 - 2 adults, 5 days and a $750 gift card. We ate it all!

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    Aug 23, 2003
    A little background. Some of you may know me from the comm. board. I was the one who had the 7 operations, coma, radiation etc. last year. Well a few weeks ago I just finished my wonderful 2 week cancer testing diet and lost another 10 lbs. so dh and I were going to celebrate our anniv.

    May 18- dinner at Crystal Palace I love the cranberries in the rolls here and the greek pasta salad. The pork was seasoned well as the chicken too. Dh liked the salmon. He had the soup du jour. It was like a potato and corn chowder. I had the turkey vegetable. BAD This was really greasy. Dh and I shared a dessert plate . I liked the flan the best

    May 19 - Lunch Coral Reef We asked for a table instead of a booth since I cant use my L arm very well. We were the 2nd table from the end so my view was basically of the wall. It was bad turning my neck to get a tank view. We both ordered the lobster bisque. Good. Dh also ordered the land and sea. I told the cm he ws really hungry. She said, thats o.k. Our app. portions are pretty small and RIGHT SHE WAS. Dh had this finished in about 2 bites. I did try the cucumber salad and polenta that were on the plate. Both seasoned well. For entrees I had the ceasar sald with shrimp. BAD It was brought out with chicken. I really cant get mad at the server. I have a bad cancer voice so she might not have understood me. There were 5 shrimp. Dh had the lobster ravioli. Small portion but good flavor. For dessert I had the butterscotch creme brule. Dh said he tasted the torch. He had the almond gelato? and didnt care for it

    Dinner - Kona Cafe We had the sticky wings. There were over 14. A meal in itself. Good flavor. I liked that they bought out 2 warm towels and a lemon for our sticky fingers. The bread was soo good!! I had the ginger ribeye and dh had the terriyaki steak. Both were good. We both didnt like the broccolini, too al dente and didnt care for the seasoning on it. Dessert: We shared, um I mean fought over the Banana Creme Brule. This was sooo good.

    May 20 - Lunch Tusker House - every time we go here they sit us in neverland. We ask to be moved due to my mobility issues. Good: mac and cheese, fried plantains, samosas, chutney, banana bread pudding, and those chocolocate cups with the strawberry mouse. and berry cobbler. Bad: Ham and Bean soup. Its 90 degrees out and they had the same thing in december. They need to get a different variety of soup.

    Dinner - Cape May Buffet Dh loves crab legs, That and corn bread and its his meal. I stuck to the landlubber side. The chicken, ribs and pasta were good. BAD There was some salad that was totally green. I tried it and it tasted like grass!! Anyone knnow what this was? Avoid this at all cost. Dessert: We both shared the lava cake. Too sweet. I liked the flan.

    May 21 - Breakfast - Kona Cafe We had our anniv. buttons on. Dh and I shared the fruit. He had coffee and said it was dishwater so he ordered the press pot and said it was great. I had the big kahuna and subbed blueberries in the pancakes. I didnt care for the ham or bacon and the sausage was good. Never got to the french toast. Dh had the pineapple macadamia nut pancakes and said they were great. BETTER The cm gave us a cupcake for our anniv. BEST During the meal I had to call the radiation oncologist and found out my latest tests show I am still in remission!! Praise God!! Its a great day to celebrate!!

    Lunch - Liberty Tree Inn - We were scolded for being 20 mins. late. Not a good anniv. thing, but I didnt care as I just got the greatest news. The cm had to radio back the manager and ask if they could accomodate us. Our cm barely acknowledged our anniv. but that was o.k. While we were waiting to be seated we talked to Ethel the greeter. That lady is such and wonderful and sweet cm. We both had the colony salad. Very good. We shared the apple tart. Not as good as I remember. Saw a whole bunch of cms singing hb to the guy 2 tables away. We were practically ignored. Oh well.

    Dinner - Narcoosees We were so looking forward to this. I timed the adr to see the fireworks. When we arrived the host said ha and asked us if we were staying at the "Grand". um, no and why does it matter anyway? I told him, no the Polynesian. We waited on the porch. Nice view. Our table was high up and by the bar. Yup, no window seat to see the fireworks for this anniv couple. Dh thought it was kind of funny. He is so tall and couldnt see anything and I had to keep turning my cancer neck around just to get a glimpse. Server said ha. Dh had the crab chowder. Small portion. The bread was crusty and good. I had the crab cake appp. BAD This was so overdone. I didnt know it until I saw someone elses picture. I think even Gordon Ramsey would have sent it back. It was flavored well though. I had the scallops. There wre 5 I think and the rest of the dish was stange tasting. Dh had the filet and potatos, which he got sick from later (the potatos). All the while I kept thinking I should have listened to another poster Elizabeth who told me not to go here. For dessert I think dh had some gelato thing which he didnt care for. I had the almond crusted cheesecake. Very good. There was a chocolate cone on the plate. Was this for our anniv? I dont know? The server practically didnt even talk to us. Overall it was a bad and expensive experience and we probably wont go back.

    May 22 - Lunch Le Cellier I tried forever to get an adr here and finally one popped up one day so we grabbed it. lst time here. I had the special with the whole meal of app. entree and dessert. We both ordered the cheese soup. The pretzel bread was good as was one other. We didnt care for the rye. REALLY BAD The entrees came out before the appetizers. Dh saw mine and said he wish he ordered it (prime rib sand). He had the mushroom filet. We got the soup rushed back and there was soup all over the plate , my hand and the bowl. What a mess. I shared half of my sand. with dh and he was happy. For dessert he had the creme brule. Way too sweet for both of us. I had the peach sorbet. I didnt like how they put butterscotch or carmel sauce on it. Overall great meal.

    We have now used up the whole gift card!!

    Dinner - Captain Cooks Dh didnt like the touch screen. He had a double cheeseburger and chips and a bowl of pineapple. I had the turkey club and slaw (didnt like the slaw), The chips were good.

    Mrs. Potts MK - Rootbeer Float- Very good on a hot day
    Sleepy Hollow MK - I think I have found my new favorite snack. OMG, it was so good. Funnel cake with strawberries and whipped cream
    Japan - Tangerine and Rainbow Kaki Gori, Great in the heat
    Frozen Banana
    Norway - Almond Sweet Pretzel - always good.

    We are going in december and so far it will be Shulas, Liberty Tree, Cape May, Flying Fish, Kona and either Le Cellier or Tutto,. So see you in December!!
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    Jul 6, 2000
    Congratulations on your wonderful medical news! I am sorry that many of your meals and service were not top-notch. You have some wonderful choices for your next trip! I hope it is fantastic!!

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    Aug 18, 2009
    What wonderful news that you are in remission
    All my best wishes
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    Congrats on cancer free. Thanks for sharing your food review. Happy planning for your December trip. We are going December too, to enjoy the Holiday decorations.:santa:

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