Maternity WDW Souvenier Wear?


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Jul 29, 2000
This may sound silly but does Disney sell Maternity Disney wear in the parks at all? We've been several times but never pregnant so I never paid attention before. I wouldn't mind getting a T-Shirt or something but this belly isn't even fitting into a XL at this point. I'm due in July so I'll be spending most of my big belly time in summer clothes...thought it might be neat to have a WDW outfit or top.
I've never noticed maternity clothes in the parks, but I've never needed them either. The Disney Store online does carry stuff from time-to-time, but right now I think they just have tank tops. At one point they had a really cute Pooh outfit with lots of pieces, sort of a pregnancy survival kit, but they don't carry it any more.

I know but that was back when we were trying and I wasn't going to buy any maternity stuff to jinx myself. =P I wish I would have now. Oh well :rolleyes:
Sears carries alot of Disney Maternity clothes. I have several Pooh shirts, a Mickey denim long-sleeve shirt, a hooded Pooh & tigger long sleeve shirt and a Minnie shirt all from Sears Maternity. We were down in Nov. with a friend who was pregnant and she couldn't find any maternity t-shirts inside the parks. We didn't scour the parks, but always had our eye out and didn't see any. She did however wear my Disney maternity stuff from Sears so she felt Disneyesque!


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