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  1. StephenKay

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    Dec 9, 2000
    :santa:Hi there,

    We have just booked a late disney cruise over Christmas although before that we are having four days in the parks. We are flying from Amsterdam to MCO in Comfort Class has anyone had any experience of flying with Martinair.
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    May 3, 2005
    we went with Martin air in 2006...Leeds to Amsterdam (KLM) and then Amsterdam to Florida.

    They were okay...very good price...we went at Easter and booked late so there wasn't much choice.

    Delayed by 5 hours on Amst to Orlando but they gave us food tokens to use in Amst airport.

    They promised Kiddie packs but they didn't appear - said someone forgot to pack them. but we weren't too fussed since we had brought stuff for our children.

    We flew back comfort class. Crew were helpful and friendly both flights. Would use them again.
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    Apr 8, 2005
    Here are the words most famust airline opinion page.
    Keep in mind that the folks reviewing there are WEEERY picky, and except for Jet Blue, every airline in the world has some BAD issues.

    Martinair Here :
  4. disneyholic family

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    Jan 31, 2002
    last time we did the KLM to amsterdam, Martinair to MCO route was in 1995, when it was just me, DD and DS...(DH couldn't make that trip)....the kids were 8 and 10 years old at the time...

    we arrived in amsterdam at 8 in the morning and were supposed to have a 2 hour wait for the Martinair 10 am flight to orlando...

    at first they told us there would be a one hour delay....then another hour...then another hour....then another hour...

    since they kept delaying by only one hour, they didn't give us any sort of food voucher...until finally at 1 PM they finally handed over a $5 voucher to each of us ($5 buys absolutely nothing in Schiphol airport)...

    and they kept delaying by one hour, one hour, one hour....
    when we showed up at the gate at 4 PM, they had a basket of sandwiches....a sure sign that we still weren't going anywhere..

    at that point, a VERY irate American woman (a gorgeous blonde Texan), demanded to KNOW what was wrong with the plane (all along they had said it was due to technical problems with the plane that was parked at the gate, but never specified what exactly was wrong)....she was outstanding.....all the Europeans stood around quietly and docilely, and that texan went to town on the martinair was very funny...they were very nearly shaking in their boots when she was done....

    so when we returned at 5 PM, they said it was time to get on board....they were putting us on the plane that had arrived shortly before that and the people who were scheduled for that flight would have to wait for our broken plane to be fixed... the end we had been delayed a total of about 8 hours...
    had i known that from the start, i would have taken the kids into amsterdam for a quick tour around the canals....
    instead, we were stuck at schiphol airport for 10 hours (from the time we arrived on our first flight).......
    and the martinair people were less than accomodating to those of us stuck on the ground (although in the air, the crew was lovely)..

    but again, this was 14 years ago...

    suffice to say, i've NEVER taken that route again, though it's almost always been the cheapest option!

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