Marriott Courtyard/ Hotel Plaza


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Dec 26, 1999
Just returned from a 2 day business trip and chose to stay at Marriott Courtyard at Downtown Disney Hotel area. My business destination was less than 15 minutes drive and $69 rate was attractive. I happily can report that the Courtyard was very pleasant. I got a tower room with a great view of EPCOT and PI fireworks, not there during MGM but expect they also would have been visible. I used bus on Monday and Tuesday late afternoons and arrived departed within minutes of schedule. Rather low attendance so busses were near empty and quite comfortable (padded seats, individual lights and a/c controls). Total time with all stops (I think 6) was slightly under 30 minutes to EPCOT, 25 to MGM. A slight drawback is busses leave you off in parking lot a little further than WDW busses but hardly enough to make a big difference in fair weather (no protection from elements). I don't know how there overflow process works, but with attendance at levels of this past week didn't need to be concerned. The hotel is an easy walk to Downtown. It has a fast food area in loby for quick meals, small cafe on property short walk outside hotel. Staff was quite attentive and friendly, (being a Marriott Marquis member seems to help) and my room was spotless. I don't know how long "great rates" will be in effect, however even at slighlty higher I would recommend hotel as a very good value with direct bus service to WDW. Not much of a theme but with WDW hotel advantages being minimized it would be a great alternative to low/mid range Disney choices.
Great thanks for the note! We are staying there for 6 nights beginning in 9 days! Our rate is 75 a night presidents week through dreams unlimited. Glad to hear going to DD is a quick walk. We will most liekly take our rental cars most days but were thinking of busing it on our epcot day in case we have a few drinks around the world int he evening.

Thanks for the report!
Great review! DH and I are considering either this or the Grosvenor


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