Marriage Proposal-help me quick


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Mar 21, 2001
I am going to Orlando 31/3/01 for 2 weeks and can't wait. However I am a little nervous about the queues etc. I intend to propose to my partner of 3 years while I am over there. I hope he says yes. I hope to do it on the Back to the future ride as this is my all time favourite movie. Does anyone know what queue times will be like???
Also is is worth trying to get hold of the park direct to see if I can arrange something special???I have wrote to the park in january but had no response
Wow, I couldn't think of a less romantic spot than the queue of Back to the Future... it's rather, cold, crowded and mechanical.

There's a long wait on the outside of the building, then another wait on line before called into the rooms right before you enter the DeLorean, maybe that's the best place if you don't mind 3-4 other people listening.

Hope he says YES!


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How very exciting for you!!! I will be in the park at the same time. Have you called Guest Services? They might be able to help you or at least give some more info. (407)224-6350 press #5 to speak to someone. Wishing you the best good luck! ;)
I always thought that in front of the JP Discovery Center near the water or the area by the water in the Port of Entry is pretty romantic. You should probably call Guest Relations and see if they can set soemthing up.


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I'd be careful about proposing on the Back To The Future Ride.

Your partner might think it was a special effect.˙

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Does your intended have the same affection for BTTF as you do? If not, may I recommend any of the many romantic spots at the Portofino Bay Hotel. Or if you really want to be whimsical, how about asking if he wants to take the PLUNGE on Jurassic Park just before the big drop. You will probably get a great picture to remember the moment.:eek:

Thanks for all your advice-my partner doesn't share the passion for BTTF but he knows how much it means to me to go on this ride. I know he will say yes!!!!

See you all over there :cool:
Barry - sounds like you have been giving this some thought. Is there something (or someone) you haven't been sharing with us? ;)


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